October 29, 2002 
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Aishwarya Rai
An Oscar for Devdas? No way!
Readers' take on the chances of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film at the Academy Awards

Does Devdas deserve an Oscar? Have your say!

Mon Oct 28 19:06:18 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad,India
Your Views:No-Devdas does not deserve for Oscar. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is BIG idiot who do not no the value of Oscar,and unnecessarily nominating for the Oscar.It is shame and Sanjay Leela Bhansali,is blaming India by doing this.

Mon Oct 28 19:06:19 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:You have got to be joking, Devdas does not stand achance, it will n ot get event to the final 5. Legend of Bhagat Singhis a better choice.

Mon Oct 28 19:06:33 2002
City, Country:Bombay, India
Your Views:Devdaas doesnt deserve oscar since flamboyance has totally overshadowed the soul of the story which is pain and sufferings of an intense lover.It has terribly deviated from the original novel and looks totally in contrast with the real soul of novel.

Mon Oct 28 19:06:36 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:he he he...this is India boss...anything and everything can happen...i wonder even how Lagaan got into the Oscar race...i dont think it was such an awesome movie...anyways, thats my opinion...if Devdas does get into the final list, i would lose my belief in the Oscars...I think India has movies that stand a better chance than Devdas, at the Oscars...since 50 crores has been spent, it looks like Devdas will finally get into the race...Money Talks !!!!

Mon Oct 28 19:06:46 2002
Name:Rakesh Jain
City, Country:Porbandar , Gujarat
Your Views:no never it does not desreve an Oscar.

Mon Oct 28 19:08:30 2002
City, Country:Calcutta, India
Your Views:No Devdas does not deserve an Oscar. If it would have, there were better Devdas-es before Sarukh which could have got the acclaim. In is wasting its oppertunity to get an Oscar by nominating Devdas in Oscars

Mon Oct 28 19:08:47 2002
Name:Shyamal Shah
City, Country:New York, USA
Your Views:Yes it deserves nomination as it represents the mainstream Indian cinema and also is a classical movie with lush sets and very good costume, and most importantly all very much "Indian". They say the movie is loud and kitch..but that's Indian cinema..why to change it? We love it the way it is and should represent what we are!

Mon Oct 28 19:09:46 2002
City, Country:pune, india
Your Views:no it will not win certainly isn't engrossing although very lavish

Mon Oct 28 19:09:54 2002
City, Country:RANCHI, INDIA
Your Views:No, there is nothing new in this film. It is a copy of an old film and it is a success because of high publicity and advertisement.LAGAAN had something different and special in it.

Mon Oct 28 19:10:05 2002
Your Views:No, DEVDAS does not deserve even the indian filmfare awards. This movie does't highlight yhe LOVE between DEVDAS & PARO it only shows the money spent on the movie.

Mon Oct 28 19:11:00 2002
Name:mohd. vakeel azad
City, Country:india
Your Views:ithink devdad does not deserve oscar because devdas is typical indian love story of mad lover. the judges of oscar will not like it.

Mon Oct 28 19:11:35 2002
Name:Ashish Dhall
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:No, the most expensive movie need not be the best. Most of the film critics agree that devdas neither did justice to the period to which it belonged nor did it succeed in potraying a modern version of devdas. It was just an exhibition of lavish sets, outrageous costumes and sky high egoes.

Mon Oct 28 19:12:22 2002
Name:Sudeepto Bose
City, Country:India
Your Views:No way! That may derogate the very dignity of the Oscar. Anyone who has watched the original old movie and or read the original story by Sri Saratchandra Chatterjee, wouldn't reckon this version to vye for the most prestigious film award on earth!!

Mon Oct 28 19:12:27 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Devdas has nothign more than a stale story, plush stes, handsome amount poured in the production, nice costumes and good acting of Madhuri. But this doesn't take the same liable to Oscar.

Mon Oct 28 19:12:53 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:It is an insult to Indian cinema that Devdas was nominated for the Oscars......can we stoop lower than this?and the very fact that K3G was considered speaks volumes for the IQ level of the panelists....its not that good movies arent made in India but why arent they considered?????its high time such eyewash is stopped....this kinda crap stinks to 7th heaven!

Mon Oct 28 19:13:28 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:No, it does not even qualify to be sent for an Oscar, forget winning it.

Mon Oct 28 19:13:46 2002
City, Country:Secunderabad,India
Your Views:No way Devdas is just an ordinary indian movie

Mon Oct 28 19:14:03 2002
City, Country:mumbai,India
Your Views:No way because the story lacks conviction.There is no message nor is the movie highly entertaining.Western audience will surely get bored.Such heavy emotions are not their cup of tea.I more or less liked the movie but don't think it'll win&I'll be highly surprised even if it is shortlisted

Mon Oct 28 19:15:21 2002
Name:archana tyagi
City, Country:noida,u.p
Your Views:devdas is extremely an excellent movie .but according to foreigners it is a long movie,which really gives a doubt in gettig oscar

Mon Oct 28 19:15:31 2002
City, Country:rajasthan, india
Your Views:chalo na yaar... Oscars mein entry mil gaya hai to 'acchi' hi hogi na...

Mon Oct 28 19:16:14 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Nope, I dont think so. Its a good extravagent movie thats all. But it cannot be equal to Lagaan. Movies should not be sent to oscars just cos they do good at the box office.

Mon Oct 28 19:16:20 2002
City, Country:Delhi
Your Views:No, I think Devdas does not stands the caliber for an Oscar Nomination. The script is good no doubt but then this movie has been badly directed. It has so many flaws. The nomination of such a movie itself makes one wonder what are the outlines by the jury. The only point of consideration are the costumes and the subsequent sets. Lagaan had a good script, excellent movie narration, very well performed enacts. Who and how was this film selected? A very bad selection I must say.

Mon Oct 28 19:16:29 2002
City, Country:Dehradun, India
Your Views:i request to the small minded big peoples, please please please don't send such movies to any award. it is just making your own joke.

Mon Oct 28 19:16:44 2002
City, Country:Ohio, USA
Your Views:i think the legend of bhagat singh was a better choice cause the pereformance and the the creation of the film was very reallistic. i vote against Devdas

Mon Oct 28 19:17:45 2002
Name:Arindam Gupta
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Absolutely not! Devdas is anything but a well made movie. It is absolute crap. It could well have been named Ramdas!

Mon Oct 28 19:18:04 2002
City, Country:youngstown USA
Your Views:No it is good movie but not as good as to deserve oscar.

Mon Oct 28 19:18:32 2002
Name:Salil Kumar
City, Country:singapore
Your Views:No, it does not deserve an Oscar. Apart from being a visual treat there is not much depth in the story.

Mon Oct 28 19:19:36 2002
Name:sujeet deshpande
City, Country:india
Your Views:Devdas is not even worth watching,oscar is too far.

Mon Oct 28 19:19:52 2002
Name:Chandra Prakash
City, Country:HYD, India
Your Views:Yes It Deserves..this movie is a masterpiece from SLB, which reflects and represent true indian tradition and values. spending crores on this movie is to atract people.. nothing else. KKKG kind of movies are mere waste of time and money and they dont reflect that true essence of indian heritage and culture.

Mon Oct 28 19:21:01 2002
Name:Sameer K
City, Country:Kuwait
Your Views:No , Becoz Lagan was better than Devdas . Aamir Khan is always better than Shahrukh .

Mon Oct 28 19:21:24 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Devdas won't even get into the final nominations. The direction of Lagaan was fantastic, whereas Devdas has done well in theatres just because of the huge sets that money has made.

Mon Oct 28 19:21:58 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:No way ! I wish India could have promoted "The Legend of Bhagat Singh" instead. Lagaan was a movie of substance far beyond Devdas.

Mon Oct 28 19:22:55 2002
Name:Shrikant Bhat
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:Why not?, Devdas had everything right from gloss production values to inexplicable direction to marvellous performances.And more importantly it is a commercial hit.

Mon Oct 28 19:23:10 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:No of course not. Devdas is no where near the technical brilliance and the charm of lagaan. And if lagaan couldn't make it. Devdas doesnt stand a chance. In fact it shouldnt have been selected at all. It has made a mockery of sarat chandra's nov

Mon Oct 28 19:23:48 2002
City, Country:MUSCAT, OMAN
Your Views:devdas is just a matter of extravagance...i dont see any reason, why just the fact that its a big budget movie, should appeal the judges, and they should give it an award! for gods sake!

Mon Oct 28 19:24:12 2002
City, Country:Cincinnati USA
Your Views:Amusing!!!!!! Did you guys know that Oscars are awarded for excellence. How about Devdas for the Raspberries

Mon Oct 28 19:25:17 2002
City, Country:Sweden
Your Views:The problem with this movie is that it has no content that deserves an oscar Lagaan at least was close but it did not deserve one either

Mon Oct 28 19:25:18 2002
City, Country:Stuttgart, Germany
Your Views:No it certainly doesn't. Its one long shot by India and its nomination comes as a joke.

Mon Oct 28 19:26:18 2002
City, Country:london, UK
Your Views:no. it deserves to be buried in the pit of falliable human memory- very very deep. sanjay bhansali should just be dropped inside a deep pit with shahrukh and the cast and let us and the ghosts of bimal roy/sharat chandra rest in peace.

Mon Oct 28 19:26:46 2002
City, Country:hyderabad, india
Your Views:why not.. its a spendid movie. not only for the movies, in actors category also it should get selected. i mean shahrukh as best actor , he is simply out of this award. his performance is very controlled.

Mon Oct 28 19:27:34 2002
City, Country:Ahmedabad,India
Your Views:it is foolish to send devdas from india

Mon Oct 28 19:27:36 2002
Name:Kanak Gautam
City, Country:St. Louis, USA
Your Views:Less so than Lagaan, which I think was a real contender for the Oscars. Devdas is very opulent but lacks "soul." OTOH, Lagaan was spectacular and soulful. In brief, no, it doesn't.

Mon Oct 28 19:27:48 2002
City, Country:new york, usa
Your Views:forget about whether devdas deserved an oscar, it is an insult for this nonsense movie to be even selected as india's entry to oscars and that too when there is more than 2 months left.. something is fishy all about this, guess producers have paid the jury to get some more publicity for this losing movie at the boxoffice...

Mon Oct 28 19:27:55 2002
City, Country:NYC, USA
Your Views:Yes, I think it does.

Mon Oct 28 19:28:01 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:never ! it is a joke at least we dont need to have the tension on oscar day

Mon Oct 28 19:28:04 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:In my view Devdas the scintillating sets and visuals were just a screen for the poorly directed movie and over dramatisation and overly dragged movie. Lagaan was taken with much more finesse with the audience being kept at the edge of their seats during the climax. However what the people who decide on the films to send to oscars should know is the oscar judges prefer stories based on simple human emotions and well directed movies. For example take mani ratnam's movies nayagan, roja , kanatthil mutamittal-they were directed with such sensitivity and the potrayals were superb. We should select movies that break traditional moulds of film making like chandni bar, satya and many more.

Mon Oct 28 19:28:04 2002
City, Country:kochi,india
Your Views:definetely not

Mon Oct 28 19:28:17 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:You should be joking. It is such a sad state of affairs, that we have to send such ostentatious, thrashy, imbecility personified movies to international forum and 'khudh ka mazzaq udate hi'

Mon Oct 28 19:28:19 2002
Name:Sachin Save
City, Country:Ipsiwch, UK
Your Views:No, not at all.

Mon Oct 28 19:28:33 2002
City, Country:Sydney
Your Views:Laagan is better than Devdas

Mon Oct 28 19:28:38 2002
City, Country:delhi, India
Your Views:No Way.... If they look at only the beauty of Aish, Performance of Mad and Ssssssss of sharukh and the sets only it might otherwise not. If lagaan could not devdas has no chance.

Mon Oct 28 19:29:03 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,INDIA
Your Views:Devdas is too flimsy a movie and subject to captivate the attention and imagination of western world.In the west no one goes drunk and attend mujraas and dances.The entire selection stinks.

Mon Oct 28 19:29:07 2002
Name:Mahesh Vartak
City, Country:London, UK
Your Views:I personally think, its just another bollywood drama. I dont see enough content besides the extravagent clothing and sets. I dont think it should even be sent for the oscars

Mon Oct 28 19:29:12 2002
City, Country:Abu Dhabi, UAE
Your Views:Devdas will be a disaster at the Oscars. Other than the sets, it has nothing to compete for an Oscar. It is just another one of those love stories. No match to Lagaan.

Mon Oct 28 19:29:53 2002
Name:Praveen Panicker
City, Country:Helsinki, Finland
Your Views:Oscar is such a presigious award and for a movie like Devdas, i do not think it deserves it. Else the faith and prestige of the award may drown just like our Devdas.

Mon Oct 28 19:30:00 2002
City, Country:Kerala,India
Your Views:Yes, surley good story,best performance from all stars especially from SRK.

Mon Oct 28 19:30:05 2002
City, Country:Washongton DC, USA
Your Views:It is not at all deserved for Oscar entree, there are many reasons to defend my opinion. First, the story and direction is not fresh, there are n-number of movies are made on this subject. I don't think somebody will appreciate on copied movies, personally I am not. Devdas will be thrown away in very first phase of Oscar short list. Second, I never saw a movie which won an Oscar based on a love story and many more reasons... I would rather vote for The Legend of Bhagat Singh movie, which is a war oriented movie, great chances of winning an Oscar if we look at Oscar history, all actors and director are done a fantastic job.

Mon Oct 28 19:30:09 2002
City, Country:mumbai, India
Your Views:Lagaan had a very universla theme of good over bad which apeals to all across races and cultures and countries. I wonder if anyone can connect to a drunk man wanting to end his life for a women - I think it is a total no go.

Mon Oct 28 19:30:12 2002
City, Country:bangalore,india
Your Views:no way !!! legend of bhagth singh would have been a better choice.

Mon Oct 28 19:30:33 2002
City, Country:Kochi,India
Your Views:Oscar for what?Shahrukh's stale acting?Maybe for Aishwaryas beauty.

Mon Oct 28 19:30:38 2002
Name:Gur Nadia Singh
City, Country:Nairobi, Kenya
Your Views:I think Devdas was a brilliant movie and there wonderful performances by Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Ashwari Rai and Kiron Kher. Thanks

Mon Oct 28 19:30:46 2002
Name:Shahzad Nathani
City, Country:Dallas, USA
Your Views:Absolutely! Devdas is a milestone in Indian movies. In the last couple of decades we have been stuck on a pseudo - intellectual attitude that only the so called Art movies deserve critical recognition. The direction, acting, music, sets and the overall realism puts Devdas in a category by itself. It has raised the standard of Indian movie making which Bhansali and his team delivered against all odds. This is Bhansali's depiction of a timeless classis in his words, I think we all need to look beyond the fact that he is entititled to his poetic liberties. It is a matter of pride for all of us that we can produce cinema that is beyond the crude depiction of our culture. The painstaking details of this movie make it a case by itself. Kudos Bhansali ! All the best ! See you in LA in March.

Mon Oct 28 19:30:55 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Absolute rubbish. only some pig headed can send this dumb movie to oscars.

Mon Oct 28 19:30:56 2002
Name:Shanti K.
City, Country:Abu Dhabi, UAE
Your Views:No, emphatically, it does not. I saw the movie and it didn't touch me at all. I didn't wipe a tear and it was supposed to be a tragic film. It was all glitter and no soul. Mere opulence and expensive costumes cannot win awards. The acting was overly melodramatic, specially from the support characters and the film also suffered from a massive Bhansali's earlier 'Hum Dil De..' hangover. Meeting of Aishwarya and Madhuri was simply unbelievable, specially when you consider the social structure in the olden days. A period film, has to be authentic and true to the customs and beliefs of that time.

Mon Oct 28 19:31:01 2002
Name:Lalit Bohra
City, Country:Dublin, USA
Your Views:Devdas, no dbout is a good movie. However, The legend of Bhagat Singh, in my opinion would have been a better choice.

Mon Oct 28 19:31:03 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:It deserves an oscar in a new category 'unrealistically costly settings and costumes' used for the poor Paro's family. :-\

Mon Oct 28 19:31:06 2002
Name:Apurva Shah
City, Country:Mumbai, INDIA
Your Views:Far from being considered as deserving an Oscar, I believe it is an insult to Indian film makers that 'Devdas' was even chosen as India's entry.

Mon Oct 28 19:31:38 2002
City, Country:surat, india
Your Views:sanjay leela bhansali wanted to create( or re-create) a legend;he ended making a movie.Aamir Khan wanted to make a movie;he actually created a legend of human spirit. Devadaa is no where near Lagaan in any field. Good luck to S.L. Bhansaali

Mon Oct 28 19:32:25 2002
City, Country:Manchester, England
Your Views:Too garish and too melodramatic.. thee are numerous love tragedies .. but i dont think i can recall any picturised in such garishness and ofcourse indians love melodrama. Thsi film does not deserve an oscar because this does not strike a chord with the world audience. Another to the crap heap.!!

Mon Oct 28 19:32:25 2002
Name:Shubhada Paranjape
City, Country:London, UK
Your Views:No it does not deserve to be the offical entry for Oscars let alone the award.

Mon Oct 28 19:32:27 2002
Name:Yatin Prabhu
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:It is surely the best possible entry that could be selected for this years oscars

Mon Oct 28 19:32:43 2002
City, Country:Orlando,USA
Your Views:no way ! it is just another very normal hindi timepass movie

Mon Oct 28 19:33:50 2002
City, Country:delhi
Your Views:i think t doesnt desrve oscar

Mon Oct 28 19:33:53 2002
Name:P Sharma
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Devdas is absolutely not Oscar material. What is so great about this movie to deserve an Oscar? On the positive side, it is impressive in costumes, decent in authenticity, and good in cast selection. Made at a lavish cost, it is pleasing on the eyes. But that is about it. The characters have not been developed well; focus has been too strong on expensive attire and jewellery, too many songs that distract from the original storyline. Even a tragic story has been made more on the lines of "Hum Apke Hain Kaun" and its 52 sequels (give or take a dozen). But, then, is there any movie that deserves to even enter the Oscar competition? I don't think so. I would rather not send any entry for the Oscars, than send a movie which does not have any chance to win.

Mon Oct 28 19:34:05 2002
Name:Melike Aslan
City, Country:Istanbul, Turkey
Your Views:Devdas is a kitschy, offensive, and shallow film. Minus its glittering sets and costumes, it has nothing to do with any kind of sophisticated aesthetic. It will most assuredly NOT be nominated. If any film should have been sent to Oscars this year, it is Ram Gopal Verma's tour de force 'Company'. But Indian committe officials have again prized box office returns over content. Alas.

Mon Oct 28 19:34:05 2002
Name:Raja Shah
City, Country:Cedar Knolls, USA
Your Views:I do not think so. The story is insipid and there are too many glitches. Just the grandeaur of set does not mean anything.

Mon Oct 28 19:34:21 2002
City, Country:UK
Your Views:DEVDAS by any point is a flop movie but a good publicity managed it to go a long way, though it is a bad movie from the direction and editing point making it boring to watch, it getting an Oscar will make atleast some happy, though it will make no difference to India. India is and will continue suffering like in MOTHER INDIA but with the changing time media will cover her suffering !!!!

Mon Oct 28 19:35:09 2002
Name:Kaushik Biswas
City, Country:dresden,Germany
Your Views:DEVDAS is really a nice film.It represents India in a different manner. I am very much happy to hear that it has been selected as India`s official entry. Congrats to Bansali

Mon Oct 28 19:35:24 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:No. It will not even get selected for the final five. I mean no disrepect to all the people behind the movie. But it is not a oscar material.Lagan was a geninuine effort, so it did get the much needed response, and as an Indian I did want Lagan to win but heart of heart I knew "NO mans land" was a better movie

Mon Oct 28 19:35:27 2002
Name:Amit Chopra
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:i guess if lagan can make it to Oscar then Devas certainly can.

Mon Oct 28 19:36:00 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:I don't think Devdas by sanjay leela Bhansali deserves an Oscar. Lagaan is such a great film and that did not get an Oscar, why try & fool our selves and send Devdas to the 75th Academy Awards.!!

Mon Oct 28 19:36:12 2002
City, Country:Columbia, USA
Your Views:Not at all. This movie is just another movie and never reach to the level of Lagaan and Monsoon Wedding. The acting by different actors are not upto the limit, some time the acting look like without any expressions. Only good thing I liked in this movie is the costumes. May be Devdas can be nominated for Oscar in best costume category, not best movie (whether it is foreign or any movies)

Mon Oct 28 19:36:32 2002
City, Country:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Your Views:No way. Devdas doesn't even deserve a local award. Why should a film which teaches our young generation to drink and die for love should be rewarded. Does it give any moral to the youth?

Mon Oct 28 19:36:36 2002
City, Country:pune
Your Views:no way....there should be a team effort for a movie to deserve a OSCAR, which is not there in DEVDAS...there is only directors all r just not upto the mark.

Mon Oct 28 19:37:02 2002
City, Country:Wilmington, USA
Your Views:Nope.. No movie has ever won any Oscar of any kind just for the opulence. And by now, India should wake up to the fact that the usual musical potbilers doesnt cut it for the academy. In contrast, a more realistic portrayal as in the Tamil movie Kannathil Muthamittal had a very good chance.. But the selection committee entirely composed of Bollywood erstwhiles dont quite understand realistic cinema.. Do they..?

Mon Oct 28 19:38:09 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Definately, 100%, I am Sure that Devdas will win Oskar

Mon Oct 28 19:38:23 2002
City, Country:Pune-Mumbai
Your Views:I don't think Devdas deserves an Oscar award, as this concept was putforth by so many director's earlier as against the story on which the Lagaan was based... Lagaan was an ultimate show with a touch of love for the Nation. Whereas in Devdas other than big glossy sets & attires of the characters nothing was that impressive & the story was known to everyone before hand...... Lagaan atleast entered the final round but Devdas I doubt can do that much...

Mon Oct 28 19:38:27 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:The fact that Devdas did scrape an entry to the Oscar's through the eyes of Indian critics speaks volumes. Indian films have got great noticibility since Lagaan at international film festivals. That a song and dance extravanza along with emotions gives a sense of 'exoticism' to the western audiance while looking at Indian films is no sectret. Devdas fulfills this criterium. So Devdas is a good choice.

Mon Oct 28 19:39:32 2002
City, Country:US
Your Views:No way!!!! Kannathil Muthamittaal would have had a much better chance, but then regional politics ensured the selection of Devdas.

Mon Oct 28 19:40:04 2002
City, Country:Edison, NJ
Your Views:NO. This is stupid remake and horribly acted movie

Mon Oct 28 19:40:08 2002
Name:Govi Gaini
City, Country:Huntsville, USA
Your Views:I don't think Devdas deserves an oscar nomination, much less an oscar. To call it an oscar contender is an insult to Academy awards.

Mon Oct 28 19:40:12 2002
Name:Venkatesh S.G.
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Yes. U.S. veiwers are hooked onto extravegent love stories. Therefore, Devdas has a chance.

Mon Oct 28 19:40:14 2002
City, Country:Chennai
Your Views:Yeah, Definitley Devdas can get what India is looking for. With the excellent Performance of Shah Rukh and the story base line will definitely impress the jury members of Academy

Mon Oct 28 19:40:14 2002
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:devdas is a great movie which depicts never dying love of a man whose love for his childhood love keeps on growing exponentially with time. Shahrukh and Aishwarya have giventheir career best performaces. the movie is really great and deserves an oscar.

Mon Oct 28 19:40:16 2002
Name:naresh baluja
City, Country:delhi,india
Your Views:yup since shahrukh n ash. always been my favourites these dayzz. so nething including them makes a perfect combination for the oscrs..

Mon Oct 28 19:40:36 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:I really don't think Devdas deserves an Oscar. Just being a multi-million extravaganza does not guarantee an oscar. There are a lot of other things, which matter. The good thing is some of our directors are making a conscious effort to improve the quality of the movie. Some day we will definetly get an Oscar, but not this time.

Mon Oct 28 19:41:00 2002
City, Country:Dallas, USA
Your Views:No way!!! Neither did Lagaan. Didn't quite understand what the fuss was about.

Mon Oct 28 19:41:26 2002
Name:sangita jain
City, Country:New Delhi
Your Views:Devdas has been made three times with same story line.there is nothing new in the movie but only it is ash for whom people have gone to see has really not hit the box office as compared to what hum dil de chuke sanam did.the most expensive movie of bollywood is not to be appreciable more.

Mon Oct 28 19:41:37 2002
City, Country:Pittsburgh, U.S.A
Your Views:"Devdas" doesn't deserve even a national award. What si there in the movie, other than costumes and exaggeration? There is no chance for this movie to win an oscar.

Mon Oct 28 19:42:01 2002
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:Are you joking? Let us not dream about it. It is a pity that it should succeed Lagaan

Mon Oct 28 19:42:11 2002
City, Country:Bangalore
Your Views:How on earth did DEVDAS manage to be selected as India's entry for Oscar,i think the movie doesn't even deserve the Indian awards,forget the big ones.It is not at all on par with LAGAAN..........Lagaan was a classic.There is nothing fresh,new or extraordinary about Devdas except that it is one of the most expensive Indian film.I don't know how much lobbying has gone behind all this.........oof i still can't beleive that Devdas has been selected as an entry to oscars.U must be kidding!No way can it win it........or for that matter it won't even come in the five best foriegn films.....and if it comes there has to be something wrong.

Mon Oct 28 19:42:31 2002
City, Country:uk
Your Views:i don't think so. the legend.... surely stood a chance but devdas i fear hasn't got what it takes 2 get an oscar. lets just wait and see. maybe bansali can do it with a little lobbying.

Mon Oct 28 19:43:42 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad
Your Views:Our guys have goofed up again royally. Do they seriously believe the Academy would be interested in an overblown 3 hour torture about a megalomaniac drunkard? Seriously the academy is not interested in another costume drama ? Kanathil Muttamil is a far superior movie, but then the jokers who select the movies are not known for their thinking at all. As long as we give movies like Devdas preference over Kannathil Muttamil, we will always return empty handed from the Oscars.

Mon Oct 28 19:43:45 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:i dont think it deserves one

Mon Oct 28 19:44:19 2002
City, Country:East Hartford, USA.
Your Views:I definitely think Devdas deserves an Oscar for the fine perfomance it has given to Indian Cinema.

Mon Oct 28 19:44:22 2002
City, Country:Chennai,India
Your Views:i think that the legend of bhagat singh would have been a better choice to devdas.

Mon Oct 28 19:44:25 2002
City, Country:Philadelphia
Your Views:No not all its one of the most stupid movies I have ever seen in my life. A clean shaven devdas takes away the the life out of the character.

Mon Oct 28 19:44:42 2002
City, Country:Stamford, USA
Your Views:No way is it going to be selected at oscars

Mon Oct 28 19:44:45 2002
City, Country:hyderabad, India
Your Views:ofcourse, if devdas doesnt then i think bollywood should pull down its shutters.if anything then devdas is : SUPERLATIVE . any doubts?????????????

Mon Oct 28 19:44:47 2002
Name:Ravi Ravindran
City, Country:canada
Your Views:I guess the production team should feel lucky and consider having won an oscar even if it makes it to the top five. The movie has no sense of originality, all it exudes is only is the glossy look through out, i would be better to call it call it nitin desai's film than bhansalis. It stands no where compared to lagaan.

Mon Oct 28 19:45:04 2002
City, Country:Hollywood, CA
Your Views:I don't think Devdas deserves an Oscar

Mon Oct 28 19:45:23 2002
City, Country:Kerea,INdia
Your Views:a stupid movie like devdas does not even deserve to go. It is a result of a lot of bribing and lobbying. The good movies never get to go. CORRUPTION!!

Mon Oct 28 19:45:33 2002
Name:Joel D'lima
City, Country:Abu Dhabi, UAE
Your Views:Devdas will be in no competition for the Oscar compared to Lagaan which was far a superior film on the spirit of human endurance. All the pomp and display will only create an impression of overt presentations and lack of substance in Indian films at the Oscars

Mon Oct 28 19:45:52 2002
City, Country:US
Your Views:Yes

Mon Oct 28 19:45:56 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:There is no doubt that Devdas is the best choice for India's Oscar entry this year. When mainstream Hindi cinema represents the majority of Indian cinema, why should we be hypocritical about what we send to the Oscars? It is a certainly a more representative choice than any Indian art film. Also, in a shocking windfall of good taste, the jury sent Lagaan last year, which waltzed away with an Oscar nomination. So Devdas may stand a good chance because Bollywood is tres chic in the West right now, but the pitch may be queered somewhat since Lagaan was already best man at the wedding last year, even if it did not win the bride.

Mon Oct 28 19:46:01 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI, INDIA

Mon Oct 28 19:46:05 2002
Name:Srinivas Karanam
City, Country:Atlanta, USA
Your Views:No Way, This is the worst entry for the Oscars...I would prefer the old movie Devdas (Dilip Kumar) or the original Devdas in Telugu (with ANR) as a better movie for oscars

Mon Oct 28 19:46:26 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:NO, Devdas is a true testament of how art can be lost in money. The Legend of Bhagat Singh was a fantastic and well-made film which showcases people who fought for our freedom. I think Devdas has no right to go to oscars.

Mon Oct 28 19:46:37 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:I do not think so. Though it is great movie, but life is about doing batter things like Lagan rather than loosing like Devdas.

Mon Oct 28 19:46:57 2002
City, Country:Fairfax, USA
Your Views:Kannathil Muthhamittal or even The Legend of Bhagat Singh would have stood a better chance at the Oscars rather than Devdas :-) Anyhow hope Devdas atleast makes it to the last five

Mon Oct 28 19:47:00 2002
Name:Srinath Nagarur
City, Country:Washington DC, USA
Your Views:Devdas should win the oscars just for the fundamental reason that it was made straight from the heart and that is visible in every frame of the movie. Very rarely do you see movies made with so much passion. Devdas is India's best bet at Oscars, maybe better than Lagaan

Mon Oct 28 19:47:09 2002
City, Country:Phoenix, USA
Your Views:Devdas is a piece of crap. They should send "Kannathil Muthamittal".

Mon Oct 28 19:47:35 2002
City, Country:Rochester, USA
Your Views:I don't think Devdas deserves an Oscar Award. There is nothing in it except costly settings. They did the settings because producer got enough money to do that. The performance of actors in Devdas does not move audience. It sounds like producer had spent lot of money on media coverage for this film. I am not sure about the other areas of the movie. But I am not satisfied with this movie at all. In my view itís a big flop.

Mon Oct 28 19:47:43 2002
City, Country:US
Your Views:First of all this Oscar stuff by itself is overrated. I don't know why we indians still need the approval of a white man to convince ourselves about the merits and demerits of a movie. If our people(people in India) enjoy a movie and it leaves them satisfied and the movie makes good money, that is all that matters at the end of the day. Lets be frank, there is no big philosophy or life changing lesson on any of our movies. Most people see movies purely for entertainment and not to get any practical lessons in life. So lets put an end to this Oscar mania. And if at all OScar is the highest award let the oscar committee define openly the standards on which they give an award.

Mon Oct 28 19:48:07 2002
City, Country:pune, India
Your Views:Yes it deserves to be nominated for oscar it is excellent leaving Laagan far behind.

Mon Oct 28 19:48:13 2002
Name:Leela Anand
City, Country:Chennai, India.
Your Views:Devdas may be a good movie. But it definitely not eligible for Oscar Entry. Especially after the buzz, excitement and rave reviews got by Lagaan.Devdas lacks the class.Why doesn't the Oscar Commitee look beyond Bollywood ?

Mon Oct 28 19:48:27 2002
Name:Vandita Sharma
City, Country:Indore, India
Your Views:Devdas is not a movie to win oscar. Shahruk is a hamm actor and he spoils whole film. Though Madhuri is appreciable but overacting by Shahrukh and Aish makes Devdas irritable and it lacks to catch attention of viewer. Rather it irritates the viewwr. It shld not even be sent from India to oscar

Mon Oct 28 19:48:49 2002
Name:devdatta ambre
City, Country:india
Your Views:i can definately say that devdas is not better than any of the previous devdas nor better than lagaan. but after all this year we have witnessed the releases of some of the worst movies bollywood has ever made. the legend of B.S could have been an ideal choice for an amercan jury accept it had that absurd cream sequence of bhagat which took out all the seriousness of the topic. i hope next year we would have better movies.

Mon Oct 28 19:48:52 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:yeah, Devdas may win an Oscar atleast in one division,

Mon Oct 28 19:49:57 2002
Name:Gautham Thavva
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views: Devdas can not succeed at the Oscars. I am surprised at the selection. A more better choice would have been Mani Ratnam's Kannathil Mutamittal (or "A Peck on the cheek"). This got good reviews in the Toronto film festival.

Mon Oct 28 19:50:14 2002
City, Country:Troy,Michigan,USA
Your Views:A BIG NO,NO, has all glitter,but no heart...its simply boring.

Mon Oct 28 19:50:38 2002
Name:kanti bhattmumbai
City, Country:mumbai india
Your Views:reserving my view about devdas i will be glad if devdas wins oscar that will prove that for oscar also you require luck and those foolish oscar voters but again if devdas wins india n artistes win solet devdas win

Mon Oct 28 19:50:45 2002
Name:maira koodhi
City, Country:india
Your Views:worst film ever made. bhansali is a useless bugger. po da sanjay.

Mon Oct 28 19:51:05 2002
City, Country:Richmond, VA
Your Views:No. A film like Devdas is too mushy and too much of a emotional overkill and too much overacting that this movie DOES NOT DESERVE THE OSCARS OR ANY OTHER AWARD. The songs are great..but Sanjay Leela Bansali is a psychiatric patient for thinking of taking this movie to the academy awards or even compare it remotely to Lagaan.

Mon Oct 28 19:51:25 2002
Name:Kalyan C.
City, Country:Boston, USA
Your Views:Crappy movie with mediocre performances and also with outrageous lighting and costumes. The movie concentrates too much on presenting the costumes and lighting effects rather than the story, screenplay and histrionics .

Mon Oct 28 19:51:26 2002
City, Country:Gottingen, Germany
Your Views:no, it doesnt. it is a complete travesty of sarat chandra's Devdas, and is just a waste of the 50 crores or whatever that was spent on it. we should be ashamed of ourselves.....e are sending a movie just because it has opulent design, and the song and dance routines.....which have suddenly grabbed the worlds attention. instead, it would have been better not to send any movie at all, although i think that there are good movies still being made in india. the reason they are not ptomoted is because they are low budget movies, and hence not many people get to hear of them.

Mon Oct 28 19:53:05 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Devdas is a whole load of crap. It does not even deserve to be mentioned in the list for India's official entry. I am ashamed !!

Mon Oct 28 19:53:12 2002
City, Country:Germantown, USA
Your Views:i am sure not only it deserves but it will win too

Mon Oct 28 19:53:54 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Baah! Dont think so! The film is great if you take the sets, costumes, and the cinematography in perspective, and oh! not to miss Mrs Madhuri Nene's acting/dancing. Apart from this, whats so great for it to deserve even a nomination ? The story has been used and filmed atleast twice before, the sick "issshhhh" is used un-necessarily for about 100 times (even when its not required, as I dont think bengali's use that word to complete or start a sentence), Shahrukh khan has nothing to act other than drink, cry and stammer (which he does in every film). To sum up, Devdas is no match for Lagaan and certainly does not have the required potential to reach the nominations for the 75th Academy Awards. I would love to see what it does for the domestic Academy awards aka Filmfare Awards !!

Mon Oct 28 19:54:03 2002
City, Country:bangalore, india
Your Views:it is really sad taht 2 masterpieces were seemingly ignored and we are sending devdas to the oscars this year. personally i feel that the slick company is much better than devdas. another choice would be mani ratnam's excellent kannatil muttamittal. ram gopal verma and mani ratnam are the best directors in india. it's a pity that even though both of them came up with career-defining films, they weren't chosen. i refuse to believe that devdas is the showcase of indian cinema this year.

Mon Oct 28 19:54:10 2002
City, Country:trivandrum, india
Your Views:no way!!!! the jury has gone bonkers!!

Mon Oct 28 19:54:41 2002
City, Country:Minneapolis, USA
Your Views:Absolutely nonsense movie, just crores of rupees spent won't make the movie a good one for the oscars. I does not deserve any award, leave alone the oscars.

Mon Oct 28 19:54:59 2002
City, Country:Michigan, USA

Mon Oct 28 19:55:02 2002
City, Country:Velachery,India
Your Views:It does not deserve an Oscar.

Mon Oct 28 19:56:16 2002
City, Country:delhi, india
Your Views:Not a bad movie, good to see the efforts for sets and dresses etc. may for other story it would be better not to send it for Oscar nomination. The last half of the movie was unwanted tear-jerker ( can't help it was in the original story). Not too good representaion of Love

Mon Oct 28 20:26:08 2002
Name:al javeed
City, Country:NJ,Ruwi
Your Views:no it doesn't deserve any award. Thank U for giving me this opportunity. It's almost a bullshit

Mon Oct 28 20:26:13 2002
City, Country:Washington, US
Your Views:I think 'Kannathil Mutthamittal' was a better film of all the entries. It was a story which aptly has all ingredients of good cinema like intelligent direction,photography, story, screenplay etc. It was a original story too unlike Devdas which was already tried umpteen number of times. Morever, Devdas was no better than the earlier versions except for the extravagance. Shahrukh's action pales before the likes of A.Nageswar Rao(Telugu Devdas) who lost his weight for the sake of the role. Guess the judges don't have a right kind of perspective for South Indian/Regional films and give them a step-motherly treatment. But the fact is the quality of films is much better in regional films rather than Hindi films. Anyways, coming back to the topic, I think 'Kannathil Mutthamittal' was the best of the lot.

Mon Oct 28 20:26:35 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Certainly NOT

Mon Oct 28 20:28:01 2002
Name:Rajesh Kalyanaraman
City, Country:New Haven, USA
Your Views:No..It does not. It is a fairly a pedestrian story and though it might have been OK for its time ie the thirties, it is completely out of touch with the current mileu and age.

Mon Oct 28 20:28:07 2002
Name:Firoz Khan
City, Country:Manchester, USA
Your Views:Film like Deddas shouldn't be choosen for Academy Awards, if so why wasn't the other original Devdas was selected for Academy. I think Shahrukh Khan is soo damn jealous that Aamir Khan took his first home production to Oscar where SRK has never done with his big super hit films. SRK has a media connection to give him soo much publicity and being number number star, but for sure SRK is not a great actor, which there are soo many actors could top him off acting.

Mon Oct 28 20:28:11 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Why do we keep nominating inconsequential films like Devdas to oscars ? Anybody who thinks that a loud overacted melodramatic film like Devdas deserves an oscar has no idea what thecraft of film-making is all about. It probably could have won an award for costumes and sets though ...but i don't think such a category exists for foreign films.

Mon Oct 28 20:28:16 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Hollywood will always look at content rather than colour. Sanjay leela has also taken liberties with the original script written by Sharat chandra which i feel makes many a purists uncomfortable. lagan lost because no man's land was a better film,overall,in terms of content, in terms of relevance and in terms of its portrait of the charachters and treatment of the storyline. i wont say devdas doesnt deserve an oscar, but it all depends upon the kind of films competing for the coveted award against devdas. If its better than the others it will get the award.its always relative. i think if it was pitted against 'no mans land' it would ,like lagan, come second to it.I am sure it cannot be termed as the best movie ever produced in india...though it is the most expensive. The commercial angle is irrelevant in respect of an Oscar.

Mon Oct 28 20:28:46 2002
City, Country:San Jose, USA
Your Views:It doesn't even deserve an oscar nomination.

Mon Oct 28 20:30:26 2002
Name:Anand S
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Devdas will fail at the nomination stage itself

Mon Oct 28 20:31:02 2002
City, Country:bangalore,India
Your Views:well,definietly devdas deserves an award because it depicts india's rich culture and heritage.Devdas will surely make us proud.

Mon Oct 28 20:31:12 2002
City, Country:Poona, India
Your Views:The legend of Bhagat Singh would have been a better choice, real and very good. It increases the points. Get real, no fiction. Show India as a hero not as a drunkard's country.

Mon Oct 28 20:31:21 2002
Name:l priya
City, Country:chennai India
Your Views:yes devdas will make it to oscars

Mon Oct 28 20:31:34 2002
Name:Sachin Nimkar
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:devdas doesnt deserve an oscar NOT AT ALL

Mon Oct 28 20:31:47 2002
City, Country:boston,usa
Your Views:No, it does not. It does not have the depth of sadness that it is supposed to. Looked like a 3 hour fashion show.

Mon Oct 28 20:32:17 2002
City, Country:
Your Views:

Mon Oct 28 20:32:31 2002
Name:pankaj kaushal
City, Country:delhi,india
Your Views:no

Mon Oct 28 20:32:37 2002
Name:ravi banda
City, Country:baltimore, md, usa
Your Views:Oscars are based in America. They are primarily for English/American movies. Its like a Tamil movie granting a Tamil award to Telugu movie for foreign language category. No matter how prestigious the award is, the awards belong to their own language/culture. Oscars don't get/understand our movies. Oscars are prestigious for English movies. Why do we care about Oscars/Academy awards. I don't understand.

Mon Oct 28 20:32:53 2002
City, Country:surat, india.
Your Views:ya man its enough of miss universe and miss worlds.Lately v added Graviera man of the year. lets get an Oscar.

Mon Oct 28 20:32:54 2002
Name:Somnath Lahiri
City, Country:india
Your Views:no india should not send devdas to the oscars coz they have added my new scenes in the the movie which was not originally written by sarat chandra chattopadhya

Mon Oct 28 20:33:38 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:yes it does

Mon Oct 28 20:33:54 2002
City, Country:Bombay,india
Your Views:Nahhhhhhhhhh I don't think Devdas will wi Oscar. It may be a well made movie for Indian cenema. But not the kind that can get oscar.Noting too different in the story.

Mon Oct 28 20:34:02 2002
City, Country:india mumbai
Your Views:well no please whats indian abt it nothing

Mon Oct 28 20:34:24 2002
Name:Meena RAo
City, Country:Mysore, India
Your Views:No, Devdas doen't deserve an oscar. Yes, the film was done very well but not to the standards of oscar. The photography, lighting etc.. were very good. I guess "The Legend of Bhagat Singh" can probably make it to the Oscars rather than "Devdas".

Mon Oct 28 20:34:58 2002

Mon Oct 28 20:35:24 2002
City, Country:bangalore, India
Your Views:It is in a different class compared to all others films.. it deserves to be nominated

Mon Oct 28 20:35:46 2002
City, Country:houston, USA
Your Views:no, the latest version of devdas definitely doesn't deserve an oscar. the movie has depcited beautiful colors and lavish sets but has failed in depicting true emotions of the main characters Devdas and Paro. i wish india would not send this to the oscar's.

Mon Oct 28 20:35:52 2002
City, Country:trivandrum,india
Your Views:sharuk acting excellent.good costumes

Mon Oct 28 20:36:11 2002
City, Country:Chicago, USA
Your Views:Nopes Lagaan was way ahead and international standards dont leverage the costume drama

Mon Oct 28 20:36:14 2002
City, Country:Lubbock,USA
Your Views:It's too far-fetched to think of Devdas claiming an Oscar...I certainly beleive that Lagaaan was just a flash in the pan and it would be totally unfair to expect too much from Devdas.....I am totally amazed to see K3G make it to the list..lets save blockbusters to popular awards.

Mon Oct 28 20:36:16 2002
Name:Sameer Amte
City, Country:Houston, USA
Your Views:Absolutely Not!! Irrespective of its production values, Devdas is a "Re-Make" and not an original movie. It is like making Lagaan with a "Better Cricket Match" in the future and then sending it for Oscar.

Mon Oct 28 20:36:19 2002
City, Country:usa
Your Views:np devdas does not deserve even to come in the final nomination

Mon Oct 28 20:36:29 2002
Name:Shaji KARUN
City, Country:India
Your Views: For Indian selectors, Oscar is a joke! Money cannot buy everything. It can probably lure critics and hold back media. But cannot rout Time. It is a shame.

Mon Oct 28 20:36:39 2002
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:No, Devdas doesnot deserve an oscar. Apart from beautiful sets the film has nothing to boast about. Acting of all the stars was poor. Without even compering the present film Devdas with the classic novel, the film on its own doesnot deserve merit. For that matter even Lagaan was not well made. It definetly had a good story but its editing was not compact. The character artists in Lagaan spoke regional dialect but the Hero was confused and tried to mix the dialect with Hindi. this could have been done to reach out to larger audience but it sounded jarring to the ears.

Mon Oct 28 20:37:11 2002
Name:anant sheth
City, Country:newark,USA
Your Views:DEVDAS is indeed one movie which has impressed me most. I have not counted honestly how many times I have seen on the screen and on the vedio, in full or parts to se the dances, songs, dialogues and the pathos it depicts. I have wept profusely almost each time- believe me. I repeatedly saw Dilipmumar variety also. For the present day, in comparison, I found Sanjay's the very best from all angles. Frankly, Madhuri is matchless in performance. So r others in particuler Chunibabu. I keep on watching the movie on DVD very many times even now and enjoy it, so also my family members. I wish the Director's talent fully deserves to be rewarded for Academy recognition to gain the distinction for the right Bollywood movie also to step up the standards for the future. I wish the movie all success. May be I celebrate when this happens. For almost 60 years, I am a reguler movie-goer for all categories of films in different langueges.

Mon Oct 28 20:38:05 2002
Name:Maruti Pathak
City, Country:Guwahati
Your Views:Devdaas really deserve oscar,it has shown the peak of severeness of love,and presented by LEGEND Sahrukh Khan.

Mon Oct 28 20:38:55 2002
City, Country:bombay,india
Your Views:no devdas has one of the stupidest stories ever thought of. al it has is a lot of beautiful sets. to do something at the oscars the movie has to have an underlining theme to it other than just a broken hearted sick lover who drinks to his death.

Mon Oct 28 20:39:27 2002
City, Country:Chicago, US
Your Views:No. This is not the film which should be selected for Oscar. I think Rajkumar Santoshi's The Legend of Bhagat Singh would have been better choice than Devdas.

Mon Oct 28 20:39:54 2002
City, Country:San Francisco, USA
Your Views:No it doesn't deserve to be in Oscar's forget about winning it. Its a really boring and badly directed film. I don't understand why its been hyped up so much. I personaly think both Bhagat Singh & K3G were more entertaining.

Mon Oct 28 20:41:28 2002
City, Country:regensburg, germany.
Your Views:it can never reach what lagaan did for indian cinema. comparing devdas with a cult movie like lagaan itself is unimaginable.

Mon Oct 28 20:41:45 2002
City, Country:Canton, USA
Your Views:Nope

Mon Oct 28 21:12:19 2002
City, Country:Austin,USA
Your Views:There was nothing great about DEVDAS other than sets & costumes.When a movie like LAGAAN couldn't get the oscar,there is no chance of DEVDAS getting it.

Mon Oct 28 21:12:32 2002
Name:Gurpaul Jandu
City, Country:Bristol, England, UK
Your Views:I think it does deserve to be in the final nominations. But I don't know if it deseves to win it - it all depends on the other nominations. Last year I felt that Lagaan didn't deserve to win (for me Amelie should have won). But Devdas is a great film. It looks like a hollywood film in terms of overall look. If the Oscar juries watch they will love the visuals and melodramtic tone of the film.

Mon Oct 28 21:12:38 2002
Name:Ashish Mitra
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:If Lagaan couldn't how can Devdas

Mon Oct 28 21:13:48 2002
City, Country:San Jose,USA
Your Views:NO

Mon Oct 28 21:14:00 2002
City, Country:delhi,india
Your Views:this is a commercial version of the a great novel, if the writer see the movie, he will die of shame, i hope that this movie does not get any prize in oacar.

Mon Oct 28 21:14:12 2002
City, Country:Chennai,India
Your Views:If Lagaan cant us an oscar,how can such a pessimistic movie abt a drunkard go closer? Agreed :Sharukh,madhuri and Ash are stunning BUT it surely doesnt deserve an oscar

Mon Oct 28 21:14:28 2002
City, Country:London UK
Your Views:No I do not think devdas deserves oscar. the book might have made a good story. but in todays world the character is unacceptable by any one. And again Oscars can not be won only on basis of sets and costumes. Bad decision by govt.

Mon Oct 28 21:15:51 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Why not? I does deserve an Oscar. Devdas is a drama with full of emotions, depth in characters and the screen presence as well.

Mon Oct 28 21:16:14 2002
City, Country:Houston, USA
Your Views:I don't think Devdas would even make it to the final list.

Mon Oct 28 21:16:17 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Of course not.

Mon Oct 28 21:16:38 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:absolutely NOT! there is just one word to describe it and that is OSTENTATIOUS.

Mon Oct 28 21:18:36 2002
City, Country:New Jersey, USA
Your Views:Yes Ofcourse!! Devdas definitely deserve Oscars. It belongs to Titanic caliber. It has got very powerful drama, and costumes and settings are simply breath taking. Music is extravagant. Devdas is a brilliantly made movie with good entertainment value and being an Indian I am very proud of the Director.

Mon Oct 28 21:18:44 2002
City, Country:U.S.A.
Your Views:No, definately not! The movie's moral is that you should become alcohlic if you don't get your lover (even if you were foolish enough to reject her when she came to you), batter that lover if she refuses to come with you on her wedding day (all in the name of love). The director/writer's moral is that you should take a novel (of a great writer who himself didn't think too highly of this novel - afterall he wrote it when he was 19) and insert expensive costumes, elaborate sets, trash the story and you get your movie sent to Oscars.

Mon Oct 28 21:19:05 2002
Name:tisson thomas
City, Country:pune, india
Your Views:The film does not deserve an oscar by any standards as it was the wrong choice in the first place itself. if india had a chance it would have been through mani ratnam's kannathaie mutthamittal. the selection of devdas over maniratnam's film only shows the hypocrisy prevalent.

Mon Oct 28 21:19:38 2002
Name:K. Y. Philip
City, Country:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Your Views:No. The movie was totally out of synch with the subject it was handling. A tragic story should be narrated in a somber style, not with colorful dance, loud music and louder dialog delivery. Bimal Roy with his black & white version did a much better job in setting the mood for the subject matter. Just because someone has foolishly spent a huge sum of money, it does not automatically make the movie Oscar-worthy. Lagaan was a superbly well-made movie. It deserved an Oscar. Devdas comes nowhere near Lagaan in quality. In fact Devdas does not even deserve to be considered for nomination.

Mon Oct 28 21:19:43 2002
Name:Nischal Mehta
City, Country:Toronto, Canada
Your Views:I would say that if a movie like "Lagaan" which was a perfect film; deserved an Oscar and did not get it. Devdas is a good film but cannot be compared to Lagaan. If Lagaan missed, chances are that Devdas will not make it. Lagaan anyday deserved it over Devdas.

Mon Oct 28 21:20:06 2002
Name:samrat ahuja
City, Country:new delhi, india
Your Views:no way;;;;;; lagaan was much better just coz there was hype of 5o crore rs (extravagance)this movie was hit;; else.......

Mon Oct 28 21:20:42 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:It is very sad to see that Devdas is being selected for Academy Awards from Indian cinema.

Mon Oct 28 21:21:52 2002
City, Country:Chicago, IL
Your Views:No WAY !!! I felt Devdas was just an extravagant film. Nice to look at ... but without much of an emotion. It was very beuatiul, the sets, Aish and above all MD. But the film sucked. The original with Dilip was a better version as it touched your heart.

Mon Oct 28 21:22:01 2002
City, Country:NY, USA
Your Views:No Way, The movie is so long,cliched and melodramatic that finding enough people to watch the movie will be difficult.

Mon Oct 28 21:22:25 2002
Name:tashi choden
City, Country:pling,bhutan
Your Views:i love shahrukh khan.devdas seems to be superb though i didnt watch.i wish he has great life.he is really good

Mon Oct 28 21:22:28 2002
Name:Anil Kumar
City, Country:New Delhi, India
Your Views:Not at all

Mon Oct 28 21:22:40 2002
City, Country:INDIA
Your Views:Noooooooooooooooooooooo because it is not the actual devdas but a modified one deliciously presented to make fool of the really fool viewers.

Mon Oct 28 21:22:55 2002
City, Country:london ,UK
Your Views:No I dont think Devdas deserves Oscar because it is a crap movie with out any logic and no reflections of real life

Mon Oct 28 21:23:01 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:devdas has no social message. it is a story of a loser. it can never win a oscar. they should have selected kannathil.. from mani ratnam.

Mon Oct 28 21:23:22 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Why do we Indians make such fuss about everything. Its a good movie .. then it is. This mind set only shows poorly of the Indian Film industry that it is not able to stand up to a wider ideological mass. Lagaan did not miss anything. It showed that you have it in you if you beleive in yourself. We think we are detached from wider global perspectives in everything .. nothing more apt than tinsel town to reserve bank of india .. oh! GOI .. does it exist

Mon Oct 28 22:10:52 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:Ofcourse NOT

Mon Oct 28 22:11:28 2002
City, Country:sea ,US
Your Views:No way

Mon Oct 28 22:11:29 2002
City, Country:UK
Your Views:I have watched both Devdaas and Lagaan, and I can say for sure that the former isn't a patch on the latter. Apart from its lavish production values and some great acting from Madhuri Dixit there is nothing worth recommending abt Devdaas to be honest. The story is wishy washy and u do not for a minute empathise with the characters, in fact u come out with a feeling that each of them got what they deserved. Lagaan on the other hand had everything going for it, but it was still pipped to the post by the entry from Bosnia. I wouldn't put my money on Devdaas winning even a nomination let the oscars itself.

Mon Oct 28 22:11:29 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:In my opinion no. I think (only)two good things about the movie are music and Aishwarya Rai.

Mon Oct 28 22:11:34 2002
City, Country:Chennai/India
Your Views:Why not? It was meticulously done and all films which have won an Oscar, are not serious/history based/reality films. when it(Devdas) is sent to Oscar, you have to start viewing it from that perspective, rather than vice-versa.And ofcourse, which other film,(during the current year) "deserved" an Oscar entry?Then we will debate.

Mon Oct 28 22:11:41 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:In my opinion no. I think (only)two good things about the movie are music and Aishwarya Rai.

Mon Oct 28 22:11:56 2002
Name:neeraj nariyani
City, Country:lucknow, india
Your Views:the magnum opus is not that big or that touchy to get the OSCARS. its just a tragic story. there are other very impressive movies which have a better chance to win OSCARS.

Mon Oct 28 22:11:57 2002
City, Country:NaviMumbai,India
Your Views: No ...... Its Impposible For Devdas

Mon Oct 28 22:11:57 2002
Name:robert miles
City, Country:sao paolo
Your Views:Devdass?? NO WAYYY!!

Mon Oct 28 22:12:04 2002
City, Country:France
Your Views:No not at all. I read the original Devdas novel only to see the level of our recent film makers. They do it for money not for the public sentiments. It's not the original one. Lagaan was too good for it.

Mon Oct 28 22:12:29 2002
Name:Nilesh Mody
City, Country:fremont, USA
Your Views:NO way....

Mon Oct 28 22:12:30 2002
Name:Sabuj Kumar
City, Country:Manchester, UK
Your Views:If Devdas wins Oscar for best non-english movie then I have to say that other country should have stopped making movie or the Academy Awards commette wants to lift up Hindi movie. It is simply 'bakwash' movie.

Mon Oct 28 22:12:48 2002
City, Country:Calcutta,India
Your Views:No,Devdas doesn't deserve Oscar.

Mon Oct 28 22:12:52 2002
City, Country:MUMBAI,INDIA

Mon Oct 28 22:13:28 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, INDIA
Your Views:No, Devdas was at best a costume drama. There were some "moments" in the film but they are not of Oscar quality. Maniratnam's Kannathil Muthamittaal would have stood a better chance at the Oscars as India's entry. The selection committee made a huge blunder.

Mon Oct 28 22:13:40 2002
Name:samir meher
City, Country:india
Your Views:no

Mon Oct 28 22:14:28 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Its better to keep our pride safe by not sending this kind of stupid movies to the oscar. Who got this stupid idea? Is it the part of the publicity by the producer?

Mon Oct 28 22:14:51 2002
Name:parag pratap
City, Country:mumbai , INDIA

Mon Oct 28 22:15:02 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:No way. This is a boring movie full of uninteresting songs and dance sequences. They don't give oscars for showing off only traditional dresses.

Mon Oct 28 22:15:37 2002
City, Country:Sarasota, USA
Your Views:Hang him high. And while you're at it, get a noose ready for Sanjay Dutt!!

Mon Oct 28 22:15:38 2002

Mon Oct 28 22:16:14 2002
Name:sagnik dey
City, Country:kanpur, india
Your Views:No, it doesn't deserve...only gorgous sets and costumes can't win oscar...also with the drifting away from the original story and many more technical flaws it eill not make it

Mon Oct 28 22:50:03 2002
City, Country:INDIA

Mon Oct 28 22:50:30 2002
City, Country:B'lore,India
Your Views:It doesnt deserve

Mon Oct 28 22:50:47 2002
City, Country:Greenville, USA
Your Views:I don't think that Devdas deserves an Oscar. It is an extravaganza - agreed - but there is nothing unique about this movie. Only the sets are lavish, the story, acting - everything is average! There is no message from the movie. Infact many sets used in this movie appeared out of sync - they didn't match the storyline at all!

Mon Oct 28 22:51:07 2002
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:Nope. The director forgot to portray the main story throughout the movie. I guess he spent more time on taking mug-shots of the actors and actresses.

Mon Oct 28 22:51:57 2002
City, Country:damoh, INDIA
Your Views:i think legend of bhagat singh definitely deserves an oscar(the rajkumar santoshi one). devdas should have been a four hour movie. all the emotions displayed are not absorbed as i feel it is fast paced and songs take up a lot of time. nevertheless,they are very good for the movie.

Mon Oct 28 22:52:01 2002
City, Country:sunnyvale,USA
Your Views:no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not at all. The actual story has been totally twisted and presented. It does not deserve any award as a picture but probably for costumes and art direction it deserves one.

Mon Oct 28 22:52:46 2002
Name:Mohit Bhatnagar
City, Country:Davis, USA

Mon Oct 28 22:52:56 2002
City, Country:Kochi, Kerala
Your Views:Devdas?And An Oscar? Gimme a break! This Bansali version is clearly a story of opulance and excesses - rather than what any good movies should be - good tight script, good production values and good, if not great performances, Mr.Bansali seems to think that colorful shots and hamming actors(definitely the directors fault here, 'cause the leading trio has more than proved their mettle in other competent ventures)and splurging in excesses make a good movie. This movie did not even deserverve the "hit" status on the BO.

Mon Oct 28 22:54:26 2002
City, Country:Santa Clara, USA
Your Views:No, Devdad does not deserve any awards. It's a waste of talent and money. Story does not make any sense in this time, artifical looking sets, most of cast over-acted and loud. Background sore is annoyingly loud and mislplaced. It's waste of time..

Mon Oct 28 22:54:36 2002
City, Country:Manchester UK
Your Views:I sill dont unerstand that why we are arguing if Devdas 'deserve' oscar. The Oscar prize is based on the judgement of a few people, which might not be present a correct view about the class of Indian Movies. I think to judge the bollywood movies one need to have understanding of the indian culture and values, which westerenes dont have. Even most of them think ours is primitive movie culture which is still evolving. So it does not bother me if Devdas gets Oscar or not. My verdic is that it is a great movie

Mon Oct 28 22:54:49 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Devdas does not deserve an OSCAR. The film does not look real by any stretch of imagination. Its a totally imaginery world and is OK to watch the movie only once.

Mon Oct 28 22:54:58 2002
City, Country:Rapid City,USA
Your Views:They film board has finally lost it,maybe Devdas could win an oscar for the funniest movie catogery,who knows?

Mon Oct 28 22:55:09 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Well, as far as the oscar nominations are concerned we tend to go by popular demand.. and only by that count Devdas has been selected. But honestly speaking Devdas doesn't stand a chance. A bengali movie with a down to earth story and reality would have a better chance than Devdas. Even, manirathnam's "Kannathil" stands a better chance simply because the movie has an international issue and can be easily assosiated with by the Americans.

Mon Oct 28 22:55:11 2002
Name:anshuman pattnaik
City, Country:bhubaneswar,india
Your Views:no devdas is not such a good movie to go oscars. it didn't have good story except glmrous sets & dresses

Mon Oct 28 22:55:22 2002
Name:Prashant R
City, Country:Fremont, USA
Your Views:No WAY!!! Expensive distorted Hog Wash.

Mon Oct 28 22:55:31 2002
City, Country:FL, US
Your Views:Devdas is no doubt a masterpiece in itself. But, will it in all its extravagence deserve the place when there are other movies that are more realistic and still commercial? I doubt it, the Oscar jury might like Moulin Rouge, but not a Moulin Rouge made elsewhere. Though, I don't understand Tamil, I have never felt so mesmerized as I felt while watching "Kannathil Muthamittal". I hope the selection committee was not bought over or biased.

Mon Oct 28 22:56:00 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Devdas is a sad copy of the original Dilip Kumar film. Shahrukh is worthless as Devdas & the film just shows how good money can be wasted. It does NOT deserve the oscar entry.

Mon Oct 28 22:56:07 2002
Name:Ravi Roy
City, Country:MIT, USA
Your Views:No. selection of Devdas is wrong decision. Given the cost budget of this movie, it has been poorer in content and expression of emotions properly.Devdas is merely a money show movie hyped much more by the media.If it would have been Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam , it would be better choice. Sending this movie for Oscar will show the bankruptcy of Indian cinema in terms of class.Also this is fully certain that it will not win any oscar. There is not match between Lagaan and Devdas. lagan reached there because public liked it and watched it with full heart and it reached there on it's own and through quality work of that team which is not the case with Devdas. It has much to do with media publicity and money input.

Mon Oct 28 23:15:27 2002
City, Country:Pune, India
Your Views:Devdas literally deserves no award at all. It is a twisted story, and also worst part is that it's the story of a loser. I think we don't want idols who are losers

Mon Oct 28 23:15:35 2002
City, Country:jaipur,india
Your Views:no way. most of the people will find Devdas boring and too melodramatic. Lagaan was a much much better movie and even it couldn't win, so devdas has no chance. Anway there was nothing new about the movie, just a lot of money spend on clotes etc.

Mon Oct 28 23:16:02 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Thsi movie is absoltely rubbish. This has been nominated may be due to the pressure of meny. etc. The reason why we never get an award intrenationally is due to the slection of such a stupid movie.

Mon Oct 28 23:16:04 2002
Name:prasad gvss
City, Country:Germany
Your Views:No way! A junk movie to the oscars?? Kannathil Mutta Mittal could have been a much better choice.

Mon Oct 28 23:16:34 2002
City, Country:Sacramento, USA
Your Views:No, its a third rate movie and the narrative is so flawed that you just want it to end and fast!!

Mon Oct 28 23:16:52 2002
City, Country:Sutton, UK
Your Views:I have seen both the movies. Bhansali's Devdas is a mockery of sorts. Lagaan is an all time great. The selectors ought to take some intellectual vitamins before they make their choices.

Mon Oct 28 23:17:08 2002
City, Country:PalamPur, India
Your Views:Nahi! Nahi! Nahi!

Mon Oct 28 23:17:29 2002
City, Country:BANGALORE
Your Views:I don't understand why we don't learn from our mistakes.The reason why Lagaan lost out to No Man's Land was simply because the latter was more relevant in present times as it was a satire on war. Devdas, on the other hand, portrays the life of a loser. Let us not forget that one of the reviewers at Cannes called this movie "not even fit to lick the boots of Lagaan". The other irritating thing about this movie is that it is not Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyaya's Devdas but Sanjay Leela Bhansali's melodramatic, over-the-top Devdas, something which the westeners certainly wouldn't prefer. Among the list of Indian nominees, the movie which might have made a great impact at the Oscars (provided it was marketed the way "Lagaan" was) would have been Mani Rathnam's "Kannathil Muttamithal", a sensitive story of a small girl, born to a Tamillian in Sri Lanka, but who is adopted and brought up in India because of the war in Sri Lanka. This movie, which admonishes war, would definitely have struck a chord with the jury at the Oscars.

Mon Oct 28 23:17:53 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:I do not know why this movie has been selected for Oscar, a movie full of jhatkas and other things, I feel like laughing when I heard that this useless movie has been selected for Oscar

Mon Oct 28 23:45:22 2002
City, Country:lucknow,india
Your Views:yes it certainly deserves to be among the best competitors in the world in the film category

Mon Oct 28 23:45:23 2002
City, Country:NJ, US
Your Views:NO, Please

Mon Oct 28 23:45:52 2002
Name:ratin chaudhary
City, Country:chandigarh . india
Your Views:devdas is excellent movie but not up to the level of oscar as it doesnt convey any message although it motivates to become romeo type stuff which atlast destroy person

Mon Oct 28 23:45:53 2002
City, Country:mumbai india
Your Views:Absolutely not. Devdas is one of the most outrageous adaptations in bollywood. besids making a poor adaptation the director tries to hide his failure by saying this is his version of the greatest classic in indian cinema. if lagaan wasnt good enough to win an oscar there is no way in heaven or earth devdas ever will. shahrukh's acting leaves a lot to be desired which includes acting skills and conviction and intensity. just looking at the promos gives u that 'uhh too gauddy ' feeling. couple that with glitches here and there u got a fine mess to send to the oscars.

Mon Oct 28 23:46:44 2002
City, Country:tampa, us
Your Views:I don't think devdas deserves to go for the oscars. I think films with realistic view points for the society now should be sent and not glamorous love stories. I don't understand how the committee decides and even thinks that it is possible for such films to win oscars, even after seeing the quality and content of films that are in the Oscars. There should be a change made in the selection process and it should be made realistic. With all the bias that happens at those levels, it will never happen that a genuine film will ever make it.

Mon Oct 28 23:46:52 2002
Name:vijay chauhan
City, Country:London
Your Views:shahrukh is an idiot. But the novel is an epic. Not because of acting but may be because of the story.

Mon Oct 28 23:47:21 2002
Name:aditi mahajan
City, Country:Chandigarh, India
Your Views:NO.This movie is without any soul.legend of bhagat .....would have been better choice even last yr gaddar was a better and more relevant movie.

Mon Oct 28 23:47:34 2002
City, Country:mumbai, india
Your Views:No not at all

Mon Oct 28 23:47:34 2002
Name:Abhijit Ganguly
City, Country:NJ,USA
Your Views:Devdas is good for costumes,sets and songs. But as a good movie, I won't recommend it at all

Mon Oct 28 23:48:00 2002
City, Country:pune, india
Your Views:it should get an award for best Foreign film!

Mon Oct 28 23:48:05 2002
Name:Manoranjan Baral
City, Country:Sunnyvale, USA
Your Views:Yes. It will win the Oscar

Mon Oct 28 23:48:07 2002
Name:Meha Verma
City, Country:Delhi, INDIA
Your Views:I think that Devdas is can win in THE OSCARS. But it shows the popularity of indian films in abroad. it would be a nice feeling if Devdas is a winner. I wish the team of DEVDAS very BEST OF LUCK.Just Go For It.....

Mon Oct 28 23:48:35 2002
City, Country:NewYork, USA
Your Views:No way. It has no qualities to be even listed for Oscar. If its in competition with movies like KKKG, sure It can win.

Tue Oct 29 00:52:32 2002
City, Country:Allentown, USA
Your Views:Don't FFI have some standards in selecting a movie for Oscar. Is it Mandatory to send a movie for Oscar every year. Laggan was the best ever Indian movie sent to Oscar. Does Devdas is comparable with 'Lagaan'???????

Tue Oct 29 00:52:32 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:This movie is enough to make Sarat Chandra Chatterjee turn in his grave. First of all, if you like the usual bollywood stuff, this movie will fit right in. I am writing this review to dispel the perception that somehow this movie follows the greats of the order of Satyajit Ray or even Tarachand Badjatya. This is a very mediocre movie, where it seems, the producer had so much money, that he did'nt know what to do with it. This of course ended up making the entire movie glitter with opulent vulgarity which had nothing to do with the works and times of Sarat Babu. Coming to the specifics, The dresses, the dances and the backdrops, everything was incorrect. The director (Sanjay Leela Bhansali) it seems had no sense of Indian history, or even literary honesty while he made this movie. The sensibility of the classes was wildly off the mark in the movie. The music was loud and mediocre. Aishwarya Roy was the only consolation in the entire film. But I am sorry, that three hours of even Aishwarya are too much to bear in this movie's context. Overall a D

Tue Oct 29 00:52:33 2002
City, Country:NewJersey USA
Your Views:Never

Tue Oct 29 00:54:07 2002
City, Country:San Francisco, USA.
Your Views:I really wonder who picks movies for Oscar nominations. This movie is a piece of Junk (like any other Bollywood movies).. There are so many other non-hindi regional language movies which are FAR better than this one. But I wonder the selectors ever consider non-Hindi language films as 'Indian' films!.

Tue Oct 29 00:54:26 2002
Name:Venkatesh Jagadeeshwara
City, Country:Sunnyvale,USA
Your Views:No. Devdas does not deserve an entry into Oscar awards.This is remake of old black and white movie. Other than pomp and glorifying a drunk this film does not have any substance. From today's stand point Devdas is major league loser. When 70% of current India is under acute poverty, how can we show a movie with so much of false image.

Tue Oct 29 00:54:44 2002
City, Country:Illinois, USA
Your Views:Sending movies like Devdas to the Oscars only heightens Indian cinema's stereotyped image in the west. Devdas especially is a poorly made movie, with very little cinematic brilliance. Is Indian cinema just song, dance, gloss, glamor and silly commercialism? Kannathil muthamittal by manirathnam is a worthy candidate for the oscar, in the genre of "life is beautiful" and other greats. Devdas will not even make it to the top five nominees.

Tue Oct 29 00:55:33 2002
City, Country:Cleveland, USA
Your Views:Let me at the very outset state that Devdas doesn't have an iota of a chance to win an Oscar. It's a shame that Bollywood has only to offer a crap of a movie like Devdas fro an Oscar nomination. The movie is totally uinimpressive and has nothing spectacular to offer let alone something to make it Oscar worthy. Someone who is ignorant of the story of Devdas would continue to remain ignorant even after watching the movie as it has no direction and wanders aimlessly in all directions. Please don't make a mockery of Bollywood by sending this stupid movie to Oscars.

Tue Oct 29 00:56:13 2002
Name:Z. Iqbal
City, Country:Washington, USA
Your Views:I have not seen the film and I am chided by my friends about it!! I guess, I should see it.

Tue Oct 29 00:56:51 2002
City, Country:Louisville, USA
Your Views:This movie is a "true representative of Indian Cinema". My FOOT! Can any one define Indian Cinema for me? Has Mr.Sanjay become one of the greatest film directors with just a morsel of films. Does Rs 50.00 crores help one to make a "true representation of Indian Cinema"? I definitely will say that Indian Cinema is better off without an Oscar for DevDas. DevDas WILL NOT get an Oscar. Period!!!

Tue Oct 29 00:57:38 2002
Name:Jay Ayyappan
City, Country:USA
Your Views:NO way. when LAGAAN couldn't do it, there's no way DEVDAS can, especially with so much of 'overacting' in it!!

Tue Oct 29 00:57:47 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Yes "Devdas" deserves and Oscar; but definitely should also try in the "Costume" and "Sets" category then just the "Best Picture" category by itself.

Tue Oct 29 01:00:21 2002
Name:Gaurav choudhury
City, Country:kolkata,india
Your Views:madhuri and shahrukh's stellar perfpormances make devdas a real treat the film will go down the history because of this two living legends the big question is that, will the western world understand indian values

Tue Oct 29 01:03:29 2002
Name:Meghana Pardeshi
City, Country:USA
Your Views:I don't think Devdas deserves the honour. It is nothing but an extravagant film which does not seem even close to reality because of its stupendous sets and jazzy wardrobe. The only impression that a viewer gets after watching the movie is that of artificiality. The movie in no way does justice to the great epic that Sharat ji's book truly is.

Tue Oct 29 01:05:01 2002
City, Country:Chicago, US
Your Views:No. In my opinion, it was not engrossing. A slow pace should be matched with intensity (example: Schindler's list, a times moved very slowly, but all the same kept the viewers drawn to it). I did not feel the same about Devdas. While the positives for Devdas are (very obviously) the costumes and sets, I don't think as a movie - overall - it deserves an oscar.

Tue Oct 29 01:05:07 2002
City, Country:texas
Your Views:abuse of money, abuse of colors, abuse of almost every cinematic rule/convention. doesnt even deserve to be called a movie let alone represent india. waste of time....

Tue Oct 29 01:06:17 2002
Name:Abhinav Maheshwari
City, Country:Leeds, UK
Your Views:not at all, except some scenes where SRK is there, the whole movie is senseless. it doesn't deserve OSCAR at all.

Tue Oct 29 01:06:31 2002
City, Country:San Jose, USA
Your Views:I can't believe anyone would even consider Devdas for an Oscar. It was pretty much one of the worst movies of the year, if not the decade. After Lagan, if Devdas is the best India can come up with..., Bollywood needs to wake up and take stock of it's pathetic talent or lack thereof!

Tue Oct 29 01:07:33 2002
Name:sangeeta chauhan
City, Country:somerset , new jersey , USA
Your Views:it doesn't deserve to be in oscar........... it doesn't has that pitch which should attract people to see this movie again...... beleive me peoplt there in amereica will not see that in oscar very eagerly & wish to even see it again or win any prize....

Tue Oct 29 01:08:15 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:I dont think Devdas can win an oscar, it is a movie which even Inidan movie goers didnt like...not upto the standards, thats what I would like to call it. If it were nominated for costumes and sets then it would definitely win one....but it is not the best movie (with typical stereo type perfromance from the lead role)

Tue Oct 29 01:09:04 2002
City, Country:NJ, USA
Your Views:NO!!! It's a horrible movie

Tue Oct 29 01:09:12 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:I'm surprised that there are people who actually thought that this movie was worth screening at the Oscars! The movie lacked in all departments; it is nothing more than a song-and-dance drama that ends as abruptly as it begins... It seems to me that the "opulence" of the sets, and the attire of the characters in the movie were all that really mattered to Mr. Bhansali. While it can be appreciated that he took up a challenge like Devdas, he definitely did not succeed in depicting the pain and the suffering, nor the cowardice, that the protagonist goes through. The movie though boasting of a popular star-cast, shows not an ounce of refined acting...

Tue Oct 29 01:09:15 2002
Name:Atul Khandwala
City, Country:San Carlos, USA
Your Views:Absolutely. It was the best movie of the year. A classic Indian Novel turned into a classic movie by a great director and fabulous acring by Sharukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit.It was well received in Cannes and has a better chance of winning than Laggan did because of its exposure at Cannes.

Tue Oct 29 01:10:07 2002
City, Country:Houston, USA
Your Views:Well, i think yes, it deserves among the list of 7 nominated.

Tue Oct 29 01:10:29 2002
City, Country:tampa, USA
Your Views:no this film devdas doesnt deserve an the performances were too stupid compared to the older versions of it ....and lagaan is of course a very good it might have got the chance to get into nominee llist

Tue Oct 29 01:11:21 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:it will be foolish

Tue Oct 29 01:12:18 2002
Name:pranhita ujwal
City, Country:india
Your Views:no i dont think devdas is worth it!!!!!! it only has exuberence

Tue Oct 29 01:12:22 2002
City, Country:Dubai,UAE
Your Views:I strongly feel Devdas deserves the Oscars..its an exceptionally well made film,with all the credentials of an exquisite award winning film with some really stunning n intense performances by the stars...they surely deserve it...Goodluck!!

Tue Oct 29 01:13:07 2002
City, Country:chics, USA
Your Views:yes other had everything in it.....flood of emotions.. it does Oscar...

Tue Oct 29 01:14:16 2002
City, Country:usa
Your Views:no. it does not.

Tue Oct 29 01:14:23 2002
City, Country:Chicago, USA
Your Views:I don't see any point in nominating this movie for Oscar

Tue Oct 29 01:14:51 2002
Name:Mayur Murali (15 years old)
City, Country:London, UK (Amersham)
Your Views:I do not think that Devdas deserves an Oscar for several reasons: 1. It has fallen into the same old Bollywood trap of being too long with not enough substance. 2. Whilst the subject might have had relevance in its day when it was released as a book, today it no longer speaks volumes about India's social status, but merely tells of a love story ruined by alcohol (same tired Bollywood storyline). 3. It will not appeal to a western audience seeking more than just eye-candy and songs. 4. If "Lagaan" could not win last year - which, in my opinion, was a far superior film - what chance does a lesser film have? 5. Whilst the sets were spectacular and the acting good, it still does not justify an Oscar - simply because the film does not make you think, and tries to fulfil too many objectives to suit a large audience.

Tue Oct 29 01:14:57 2002
City, Country:TRICHUR, INDIA
Your Views:'Devdas' is a very average mainstream Hini film, which doesn't deserve even the official entry status to the oscars.

Tue Oct 29 01:36:54 2002
Name:Afshan Saleem
City, Country:Toronto , Canada
Your Views:Hi , Devdas should must get Oscar Award , bex its such a nice movie and i hope Devdas team will surely gonna win the award .. All The Best .

Tue Oct 29 01:37:11 2002
City, Country:sayreville.NJ
Your Views:I dont think so that Devdas is a great movie to be nominated for oscar coz its nowhere equal to Lagaan..but as an indian i would always be happy if it gets an oscar...

Tue Oct 29 01:37:56 2002
City, Country:Puna, India
Your Views:nooooooooooooooooo

Tue Oct 29 01:38:15 2002
Name:Ali Shakil Khan
City, Country:Mobile, Alabama, USA
Your Views:Dear Readers, Fortunately I have seen both Lagaan and Devdas. I would say that Devdas is indeed a great film and I think I am rather knaive to make any real comments about this, but Devdas was a highly commercial movie. Okay, a tragedy! Lagaan on the other hand, was a fresh idea and it really showed the spirit of India! The spirit of Indian youth! Devdas is about a person who has a tragic end, because of unrequited love and because he is a drunkard! I don't know for sure if it will even be nominated and if it has already been nominated well then it might very well win an oscar! Though I seriously doubt it will even be nominated! See there is absolutely no moral equivalence for the two films!!

Tue Oct 29 01:38:38 2002
Name:Nandan Das
City, Country:San Diego, USA
Your deserves an oscar..but for "Best Costume", not for anything else. Lets not kid ourselves into thinking it deserves an Oscar for best foreign film or anything like that

Tue Oct 29 01:39:45 2002
City, Country:bangalore
Your Views:it deserve for award

Tue Oct 29 01:40:15 2002
City, Country:Los Angeles, USA
Your Views:NO WAY !!! It is ttooooooo loud and unbecoming of Oscar standards.

Tue Oct 29 01:40:38 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:i don't think DEVDAS deserves even an official entry into the Academy Awards. It cannot be compared with Lagaan. 'Devdas' is too boring. u rather get a headache watching it. i don't know why Sanjay Bhansali had to change the original story of the movie by creating his own type of story. the movie is the most horrible movie so far

Tue Oct 29 01:46:27 2002
Name:Ravi Venu
City, Country:Detroit, USA
Your Views:No way, it was a grand movie agreed, on indian terms but was it worth to go for Oscar.. Not a chance, much better movies were in than devdas.

Tue Oct 29 01:46:45 2002
City, Country:Houston, USA
Your Views:No. Bad choice to represent India at the Oscars. Movies like The Legend of Bharat Singh and Kannathil Muthamittal have a much better change - the latter, KM explores the anguish of an adopted child in the backdrop of Srilankan terrorism so poignantly that its almost an international theme. The current Devdas is a fancy, rich drama - nevertheless, it fails to even make the impact that its less grand predecessors created. If that, it may be glanced at for costumes and art direction. Pity that we cannot send the best horse we have to the races

Tue Oct 29 01:46:46 2002
City, Country:Dallas, U.S.A.
Your Views:No way! LAGAAN was so good in every way a movie can be good and still didn't win an Oscar, and DEVDAS doesn't even come close. Yes, the sets and costumes and Aishwarya Rai were nice to look at, and Shah Rukh and Muadhuri gave wonderful performances but the fact remains that this movie is nothing more than a mockery of "Sarat Chandra Chattopadhya's classic novel about tragic love." Sanjay Bhansali's HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM would have been more deserving of an Oscar.

Tue Oct 29 01:47:50 2002
City, Country:kansas, usa
Your Views:For an indian audience, it looks the sets and costumes were grand.. else, the movie is all surrounded by the all known pessimism of devadas' love. The movie is too long and boring many times and nevertheless irritating to many who does more for love as an union rather on an individualistic thoughts [like devadas assumptions about love and living]. Its a crazy movie.. for the world. It would a shock to get it sponsored for oscar in the first place. Its a trash.

Tue Oct 29 01:48:23 2002
City, Country:New York, USA
Your Views:This stupid movie does not deserve Oscars. It does not even deserve the $8 or Rs. 30 that people spend to watch it in a theatre. It is a tragedy of Indian cinema (or should I say Bollywood ?) that we continue to make such crappy movies and then send it as the country's official entry to the Oscars. Needless to say it is not even going to be in the final consideration (as Lagaan was) for the best foreign fim award at the Oscar. Maybe the Hollywodd directors should start making about people and circumstances that ordinary people can relate to. And not continue with people living in palaces, who walk around everyday in their homes wearing full make-up, 5 kilos of gold and of course ready to sing and dance at any instant. And haven't we seen enough love triangles already ? It is such movies that give India a bad name. Spending 'millions of dollars' in production or more efforts on lobbying is not going to make a difference.

Tue Oct 29 02:28:01 2002
City, Country:New Jersey, USA
Your Views:Such a poorly directed movie. I promise it will not even get nominated.

Tue Oct 29 02:28:07 2002
Name:M Tulasidas
City, Country:San Jose US
Your Views:Alcohol is the not the solution for your problems. This movie should not be nominated

Tue Oct 29 02:28:09 2002
City, Country:New York, USA
Your Views:Devdas don't have a chance. As compared to Lagaan, it falls too short of expectations. The only plus point of this movie is that it is based on the work of a world class novelist. Rest of everything may be extravagant, but actually lacklusture and intellectually poor.

Tue Oct 29 02:28:20 2002
Name:Rama Yada
City, Country:Charlotte, USA
Your Views:I dont think its deserves, i am not sure what category it would fit, neither the movie is great nor action, only thing good is costumes or settings, i saw old DEVDAS which is far better than the new one and even the Dilip kumar DEVDAS looks fale and crap before the orginal DEVDAS from telugu starring ANR, Lagan was different, this movie has notting new , in the clux i think its bad choice

Tue Oct 29 02:52:00 2002
Name:Pak Khan
City, Country:Islamabad, Pakistan
Your Views:Does Devdas deserve an Oscar? If it wins an Oscar, I will leave US and settle into deep heart of Sahara desert for letting this crap win an honorary award.

Tue Oct 29 02:52:35 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:No way, Devdas does not even come close to Lagaan, which too was not so dont be too optimistic.

Tue Oct 29 02:52:41 2002
Name:Sana Sharma
City, Country:USA
Your Views:i think devadas deserves a chance at the oscars because its a really great movie with a nicy understandable story, dialouge, and music its truly great

Tue Oct 29 02:54:40 2002
City, Country:Washington DC, USA
Your Views:You gotta be kidding... An Oscar award for Devdas??? give me a break..

Tue Oct 29 02:55:06 2002
Name:Ritesh Kaushik
City, Country:Melbourne, Australia
Your Views:Lagaan still had a bit of a chance, but surely Devdas with it's over-the-top performances, frivolous story and screenplay has no chance at Oscar. Only a darker, possibly realistic film from India can ever even come close to the big price !

Tue Oct 29 02:55:20 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Q: Does Devdas deserve an Oscar ? Ans: No, absolutely not. While you mention who chose Devdas, you have failed to mention the rationale in choosing this film over some of the, most obviously, better films. What this selection based upon ?

Tue Oct 29 02:56:06 2002
City, Country:Calcutta, India
Your Views:This is one of the worst made films with very poor quality direction. The original story has been distorted by flashes of modernized glamour. It's a shame to have such films represent Indian Cinema at the Academy Awards Level. It's an insult to the country that has produced film makers like Satyajit Ray, Sham Benegal, Gulzar and the like.

Tue Oct 29 02:57:55 2002
City, Country:ABQ, USA
Your Views:No way... That doesn't reflect Indian Culture and anyways as far as love is conerned there is no teaching through it. And whatever is shown is crap.

Tue Oct 29 02:59:21 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:its a rotten story of a looser who gave his life for a girl. There is planty of stuff around , Why cry over one.!!

Tue Oct 29 03:00:02 2002
Name:Neelanjana Sengupta
City, Country:San Diego, U.S.A
Your Views:NOOoooooooooooooooo, NOT AT ALL! Please ask Sanjay Bhansali to wtach some of the really good movies ( The Contender, The Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, etc) made at Hollywood, or some of those made in other countries (Amelie, etc) before he even starts to plan his lobby at L.A!

Tue Oct 29 03:00:54 2002
City, Country:Jaipur, India
Your Views:No way.... Shah Rukh can never come up to he same level of acting as Aamir can. Shah Rukh tries to put his way of acting in every character (the same tilting of head and same stammer etc)...whereas Aamir, brings the caharacter alive... Shah Rukh is NOT Oscar material. What Tom Hanks os to Hollywood, Aamir is to Bollywood.

Tue Oct 29 03:00:56 2002
City, Country:sunnyvale,ca,USA
Your Views:Bogus. Its a good movie for desi audiences - with the songs and "dialogues" and the raving and the ranting. But please dont show this off as the best India can offer. ( or really maybe it is - they had k3g as one of the choices) I dont want to start squirming in my seat when Kiron Kher starts her hysterics again Please please please let the prints get lost

Tue Oct 29 03:01:13 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Devdas ( Bhansali's ) is not an oscar material. Making a lavish movie with expensive sets and costume does not make a movie great. The movie has some obvious flaws like unrealistic situations and encounters. A prostitute could'nt get invited to a rich man's family undetected and to add to it dance with the 'bahu' infront of the society in those days. We only make a fool of ourselves if we send such movies for oscars.

Tue Oct 29 03:02:26 2002
City, Country:houston, USA
Your Views:No Way!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue Oct 29 03:02:47 2002
City, Country:usa
Your Views:no ........not at all

Tue Oct 29 03:03:21 2002
City, Country:San Jose, U.S.A
Your Views:Devdas sets are good, but doesn't convey much to the people. It isn't worth getting nominated for an Oscar ...

Tue Oct 29 03:03:24 2002
Name:Amit K
City, Country:Edison, NJ
Your Views:Not at all. It doesn't deserve such a great honour.

Tue Oct 29 03:04:19 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:no not at all

Tue Oct 29 03:04:46 2002
Name:Diwakar Iyer
City, Country:Baton Rouge, USA
Your Views:With a positive ascpect in mind, I feel Devdas could make at Oscars. Good Luck

Tue Oct 29 03:04:54 2002
Name:Sourav Dasgupta
City, Country:Miami, USA
Your Views:Devdas will not even make it to the top five in the foreign film category at the Oscars. The movie just doesn't make an impression on you except perhaps for the lavish sets and gorgeous costumes. Lagaan created a lasting impression despite having songs and dances and that's why it made it to the top five. Similarly Monsoon Wedding was a joy to watch. The only Hindi movie this year that makes an impression of some kind is Company. A film like Mr and Mrs Iyer which won a couple of awards at Locarno this year would have been a better choice for Oscars.

Tue Oct 29 03:05:46 2002
City, Country:Las Vegas, USA
Your Views:NO

Tue Oct 29 04:48:24 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Certainly NOT! It would be a disgrace to the Oscars..and a even greater disgrace to lagaan

Tue Oct 29 04:49:32 2002
Name:shahnaz sheikh
City, Country:new york, USA
Your Views:too lenghthy a film should skip some songs for international viewing excellent performances by shahrukh, ash and madhuri. jackie exceptionally good.

Tue Oct 29 04:51:57 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:It entirely depends on two factors aganist whom you are competing and how is the marketing of Devdas in USA.Take the example of Crouching tiger it won oscar simply since it was very well Marketed the movie didnot deserve the oscar and at the same time last years movie which got oscar was really a very good movie.

Tue Oct 29 04:54:12 2002
Name:James Dio
City, Country:Bangalore, India.
Your Views:In what catagory does the movie enter the Oscar race? Costumes? scenery? Well, when will our movie makers realize that the first priority should be the movie and not songs/costumes/scenery etc. Songs are only interludes in the movie (even if all the interludes are removed the story and plotline of the movie remains unaffected). But India seem to be the only country in which movies are made for interludes! Who doesn't know that movies are made only to fill songs and who doesn't know that if this interlude (songs) are removed the movies would be 1/4th its original length? Any form of art made for interludes are rubbish. And that's what most of Indian movies are.

Tue Oct 29 04:55:37 2002
City, Country:delhi,india
Your Views:Devdas doesn't deserve an oscar movie had no emotional appeal, it was more like a colorful extravaganza.

Tue Oct 29 04:58:19 2002
Name:Vikram Seshadri
City, Country:Los Angeles, California
Your Views:The magnum opus is a true representation of the Indian film industry in all its splendor. Personally, I loved watching every frame of the movie, especially due to it's colorful grandeur of epic proportions and Aishwarya Rai's spellbinding beautity. Yet, like in the case of Lagaan last year, Devdas' stigma as an out and out Bollywood pot boiler may not bode well with academy voters, who tend to reward unique independend foreign movies that dare to break away from the mould and create cinematic magic of social and political distinction.

Tue Oct 29 04:59:34 2002
City, Country:Ithaca, USA
Your Views:Puuleezzz, don't even send it to Oscars !!!

Tue Oct 29 05:01:23 2002
City, Country:s.s, america
Your Views:OFF COURSE DEVDAS SHOULD GO TO THE OSCARS!!!!!!!!!!! SHAH RUKH KHAN IS THE BESTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and insallah DEVDAS WILL WIN!!!

Tue Oct 29 05:01:33 2002
Name:Ahmad Kamal
City, Country:kanpur,India
Your Views:i personally feel that lagaan had better chances for making us proud for winning the OSCAR than Devdas....simply because the jury wud never be able to understand the emotions and the sga portraited by the main character here...this might look them to them as an overdose of emotions.....also the movie duration might create a problem...n i feel that some song editing can help shorten the movie duration...but being n full bets wishes are with the Devdaas team.....

Tue Oct 29 05:02:32 2002
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:An Oscar??? You got to be kidding! The RAZZIE for "Worst Foreign Film" is what Devdas deserves. Only from India can you expect baloney like Devdas to be even considered to be sent to the Oscars. Disgraceful! And to think the morons on the whatever committee actually voted for this movie over "Kannathil Muthamittaal". And I'll bet a million rupees that the Bengali film(which I've not seen) is even better than "Kannathil...".

Tue Oct 29 05:04:58 2002
Name:Deepak Kapoor
City, Country:San Francisco, USA
Your Views:I think it definitely deserves it. It's one of the finest cinematic piece of work.

Tue Oct 29 05:06:52 2002
City, Country:columbia,USA
Your Views:it doesnot deserve an oscar

Tue Oct 29 05:07:35 2002
Name:Varsha Parikh
City, Country:Los Angeles, Ca. USA
Your Views:Definately should. Specifically Shah Rukh Khan as Best Actor & Kiran Kher for Supporting actress.

Tue Oct 29 05:11:28 2002
Name:Vikil Girdhar
City, Country:Hicksville, USA
Your Views:Absolutely. I mean, from culture to love to tradition and most of all, devotion, Devdas exemplifies everything India and Bollywood stands for. Definitely brilliant from start to finish, it deserves to win.

Tue Oct 29 05:16:44 2002
City, Country:Costa Mesa,USA
Your Views:I think it deserves an oscar.

Tue Oct 29 05:17:15 2002
City, Country:chicago, USA
Your Views:I strongly support the view that devedas deserves oscar. I have never seen an actor like shah rukh khan. of course he is not as good as the legend AMITABH BACHAN, but i think after amitabh bachan, shah rukh khan is the only actor who deserves the credit.

Tue Oct 29 05:18:46 2002
Name:smita smee
City, Country:canada
Your Views:i think devdas has done a good job in india but because of it is related to a culture complicated because to understand the movie one has to know indian culture mainly(bengali) so i don't think it can win any oscar or not but will surely get nominated in oscar.keep fingers crossed.think good.

Tue Oct 29 05:19:11 2002
City, Country:philadelphia, usa
Your Views:please!!!Its not even worth the stupid filmfare award, forget the indian national award and oscar.

Tue Oct 29 05:20:39 2002
Name:Chintak Shah
City, Country:Philadelphia, PA, USA
Your Views:I thought Davdas was really a great film! But, there are many differences between Laagan and Devdas. They aren't even made on the same level. Laagan was extra original, where Devdas is a remake. Second, Laagan was perfect on every level, where as Devdas could still use much improvement in editing, over acting of all the side actors, and there is nothing completely original with the story. Devdas is definetly one of the best films of the year, but certainly no where near the same level of Laagan.

Tue Oct 29 05:21:52 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:NO.. It is too old a story for oscar committee to consider!!!

Tue Oct 29 05:23:35 2002
Name:Sreenath Rupavatharam
City, Country:USA
Your Views:No. It is a shame that people with money try to get nominated to prestigious awards like this. it does not have anything to claim except the huge money incurred on it. It is sad to see the great novel of Sarat Chandra Chatterjee being portrayed in a poor light. All the characters displayed the sense that they were acting in a project involving crores of rupees rather than living in the legendary roles. The earlier versions of Devdas in various regional languages were good and the latest version is only a hype.

Tue Oct 29 05:24:10 2002
City, Country:Chennai , India
Your Views:I don't think it deserves one. Lagaan was far better a movie last time. Thought LBS was better and shud have been the nominated one.

Tue Oct 29 05:25:20 2002
City, Country:Frremont, CA
Your Views:Devdas is a great grand movie but Shahrukh with no talent for non-superhero role, the total experiece fails the gradeur it establishes in the begining. The problem with being in International Category is that you are viewd only from one overall angel and 'Best costume', 'Best sets', 'Best Choreography' type of categories are largely overlooked.

Tue Oct 29 07:01:51 2002
City, Country:US
Your Views:I don't think it is even near to Lagaan. Its too much of hyper acting, if only for Kiran Kher and Madhuri, it could attract attention. Devdas less SK = Excellent Movie.

Tue Oct 29 07:02:42 2002
City, Country:Malaysia
Your Views:No doubt the story has become a legend. But the movie is not worth to be nominated for Oscar. The movie did not have that original appeal, which the legendary story got.

Tue Oct 29 07:04:36 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:God wht was everyone thinking? Devdas,a contender for the oscars?wht a joke!That movie is full of fluff.It has no substance.We r just going to embarass ourselves.

Tue Oct 29 07:05:40 2002
City, Country:Sydney, Australia
Your Views:Nope. I think The Legend of Bhagat Singh would have been a better choice as it would portray our nation's struggle

Tue Oct 29 07:05:45 2002
Name:Sriram Kalagarla
City, Country:Rapid City, US
Your Views:Nope, i think it doesnt deserve to be nominated for the Oscar.

Tue Oct 29 07:06:37 2002
Name:Geeta Sampathkumar
City, Country:Virginia, USA
Your Views:I dont think Devdas deserves a Oscar Award

Tue Oct 29 07:06:48 2002
City, Country:toronto-canada
Your Views:no way, no doubt the film is good to the indain standards but not to international one

Tue Oct 29 07:06:57 2002
City, Country:santa clara , ca,usa
Your Views:no way, lot of such love stories are around, it will not even qualify for oscar

Tue Oct 29 07:07:55 2002
Name:Susheel Arya
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:If you see the story, acting and other aspects, Devdas is a big flop. But then Americans want to see some big money being spent so they will encourage Devdas just to make sure more money is pumped into industry. Just like the whole world did with Miss Worlds/Universe to sell their cosmetics in India.

Tue Oct 29 07:09:41 2002
City, Country:Bangkok, Thailand
Your Views:No Way... It had neither substance nor was it true to the original story. It was just a big visual extravaganza. Suerly doesn't deserve one.

Tue Oct 29 07:09:47 2002
City, Country:adelaide
Your Views:Yes devdas deserves oscar

Tue Oct 29 07:10:05 2002
Name:Pammi PS
City, Country:Boston,USA
Your Views:The essence of the original story has been distorted beyond recognition and a very serious has been turned into a cheap musical.Deserves no recognition.

Tue Oct 29 07:10:11 2002
City, Country:singapore
Your Views:No Way,come on guys grow up, these movies are meant for indian audience. Aliens still consider us snake charmers. Movie like "Sapera", "Nagin", "Nagina" stand a better chance. Why did indians won so many miss world and miss universe titles? Simple,the aliens wanted our fashion and cosmetic market. Oscar if by any chance is awarded will be to capture bollywood market and not as an appreciation to indian movies. Till then lets celebrate the movies and forget oscars.

Tue Oct 29 07:10:21 2002
Name:Avinash Patel
City, Country:Atlanta, GA
Your Views:It does not deserve anything. Overacting by sharukh khan as always and the plastic smile Aish is not worth writing about. Madhuri Aunty should go the family way and not torture the Indian audience. You disappointed us Sanjay.

Tue Oct 29 07:11:31 2002
City, Country:Singapore, Singapore
Your Views:No way! Devdas lacks the depth, poignancy and sensitivity to earn on oscar. Only visual grandeur is not enough to win an award, the most important is the potrayal of embedded emotions which Devdas lacks.

Tue Oct 29 07:12:19 2002
Name:Gupta Saroj
City, Country:KL, Malaysia
Your Views:Yes, It deserves it. One of finest film in last decade. It shows the True Love, sacrifice in love plus Indian culture. All actors/ess r excellent in their performance.

Tue Oct 29 07:12:21 2002
Name:Raj Chowdhury
City, Country:Chicag, USA
Your Views:No, Devdas doesn't deserve Oscar. Bhansali just killed Sharat Chatterjee's novel.

Tue Oct 29 07:13:07 2002
City, Country:Atlanta, usa
Your Views:what nonsense!!! please dont insult lagaan

Tue Oct 29 07:15:06 2002
Name:Subbu Mylavarpu
City, Country:Highland Park, USA
Your Views:No, it will not (unfortunately). It is a great movie and the songs are outstanding. But the movie is too loud in the beginning 10 minutes and there are phases where it does stretch a bit. I'm glad K3G didn't make it - how did such a trashy movie even get considered?? This aspect has to be investigated ... just because it was made by a influential moviemaker doesn't mean that garbage will be sent to the oscars!! The Legend of Bhagat Singh was another movie worthy of consideration and I'm sure it was a close call between that and Devdas (I would have picked Bhagat Singh though)

Tue Oct 29 07:16:25 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad
Your Views:Sanjay Lela Bhansali's Devdas is not at all deserve for any awards

Tue Oct 29 07:19:23 2002
City, Country:brisbane
Your Views:dont even think of sending it to filmfare. forget oscars. torture on the audiences in india.

Tue Oct 29 07:19:45 2002
Name:Srikanth Rao
City, Country:Dan Francisco, USA
Your Views:I would be happy to see any desi movie going after Oscar. But Devdas has not carved out the love between Dev and paro characters distinctively before they split. So observers may find it hard to justify the aftermath in the movie.

Tue Oct 29 07:22:42 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Devdas is a movie that appeals to the sentiment of many a man. the performance of Shsrukh and ASh is simply why cant we expect an Oscar from Devdas?

Tue Oct 29 07:24:10 2002
Your Views:Devdas is wonderful movie it should go to OSCAR n I hope DEVDAS will be successful at the OSCARS.

Tue Oct 29 07:24:12 2002
Name:satish n. sangtani
City, Country:shenzhen, china
Your Views:no, if Lagaan can not, than Devdas is very far.

Tue Oct 29 07:29:33 2002
Name:Uma Venkatraman
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:In my opinion, Devdas will not even make it to the shortlist, let alone winning an Oscar for best foreign film! i think the selection committee has failed to do its research -- and choosing Devdas as the official entry over Mani Ratnam's Kannathil Muthamittal is close to sacrilege. What does Devdas have going for it? Opulent sets, lavish costumes, larger than life emotions? Are these the criteria that win a film the Oscar? What about the story, the script, the content, the topicality. Lagaan was a well-made movie that could at least claim to be about the triumph of spirit over adversity. And even then, it lost out to No Man's Land, a biting satire about the war in Bosnia, a dark comedy that dealt with a current topic, an event that shook the world. Does Devdas deal with even one facet of humanity that would stand up to world scrutiny? I don't think so. India will never win an Oscar until it starts to choose the right films. And there are many, mostly made in regional languages, which are far more deserving. When will the selection committee learn to look beyond Bollywood?

Tue Oct 29 07:30:29 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:No, its not as good as Lagaan and why to bore other people with few hours of misery...

Tue Oct 29 07:32:50 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Its a totally hyped movie, with no great acting histrionics..... I dont think it deserves to be sent for an oscar, the legend of Bhagat Singh is a better reserched movie , with some amazing acting.

Tue Oct 29 07:32:51 2002
Name:Nambu Okahara
City, Country:Kyoto,Japan
Your Views:no

Tue Oct 29 07:33:12 2002
City, Country:san jose, ca
Your Views:NO

Tue Oct 29 07:33:18 2002
City, Country:Melbourne,Australia
Your Views:DEvdas is a bore flick it is good but not enough to claim a oscar

Tue Oct 29 07:34:15 2002
City, Country:Houston, USA
Your Views:No, Devdas does not deserve any award leave alone an Oscar. It is really sad that Film Federation of India chose a film as its official entry to the Academy awards that was not even a superhit in their own land. This film fails to even move the Indian film goers, can it move people who do not have any understanding of Indian culture. It is tragic that Film Federation chose Devdas over The Legend Of Bhagat Singh. The movie not only presented a hero "Bhagat Singh" to the Indian cine goers in a very good way, it also had a great message and some very good performance by Ajay Devgan. Film federation cannot fulfil Saheed Bhagat Sings dream of giving a unbiased society free of corruption, it could not even acknowledge the great movie as it's official entry. Shame to such double standard hypocrites. Shame...

Tue Oct 29 07:34:26 2002
City, Country:Pune, India
Your Views:No. I dont think that Devdas deserves Oscar award. Infact we have some other movies which are much better to be nominated for Oscar. No doubt Devdas is a good movie, but definately not worth Oscar.

Tue Oct 29 07:34:47 2002
Name:Anand Ballabh
City, Country:Hanoi, Vietnam
Your Views:I think Lagan was much better than the Devdas.I will be happy if Devdas get the Oscer..But I doubt so.

Tue Oct 29 07:35:41 2002
City, Country:mumbai india
Your Views:no way

Tue Oct 29 07:37:23 2002
City, Country:hamilton canada
Your Views:i am surprised it was even selected as an indian entry. a 4 hour long love story with none less than 10 songs is a ridiculous idea.

Tue Oct 29 07:38:09 2002
Name:Glee Joseph Abraham
City, Country:Suwon, South Korea
Your Views:Devdas is a substandard movie. Too much overdramatic scenes and shouting dialogues. Even the sentimental aspect of the film fails to touch the viewers heart.The only good points of the movie are its music and performances ! But ofcourse its not even worth a national award ..not to mention an Oscar. Indias entry this year will meet the same fate as previous entries like Jeans !

Tue Oct 29 07:40:18 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:Eeks!! I hope it doesnt get an Oscar.... else, even foreigners will have a warped idea of what Devdas was really about. Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas is nowhere near Saratchandra's novel....

Tue Oct 29 07:40:45 2002
Name:komal jain
City, Country:delhi India
Your Views:Yes, it is a fantastic love story which in itself is an example of how pure the love was.

Tue Oct 29 07:41:36 2002
City, Country:Chennai, India
Your Views:No, Devdas is not good enough to be selected for Oscar nomination. Movies don't getoscar just because of sets and dresses.

Tue Oct 29 07:44:03 2002
City, Country:mississauga,Canada
Your Views:yes it will

Tue Oct 29 08:30:18 2002
City, Country:bangalore, india
Your Views:Devdas is nth repeat of a defeatist stody made by a diamond merchant who has taken a opulent gaudy naueseating picture. Add to that is our evergreen plastic herione Aishwarya who cannot bring even basic emotions. Please save oscars commitee from seeing our pain.

Tue Oct 29 08:30:35 2002
Name:Arjun Srivatsava
City, Country:Chennai,India
Your Views:It certainly does not.Mere show of beauty and prosperity in the movie by lavishly spending money do not guarantee a quality movie.Lagaan is certainly a better movie by all means in terms of theme,action and performance.

Tue Oct 29 08:31:25 2002
City, Country:Madrapuri,Bharat
Your Views:Well that depends upon the Academy Awards Comitee. Remember "Crouching Monkey, Hidden Donkey" (Sic) well this movie was not exactly popular in asia and was panned by most asian critics and of course the so called "intelectal" critics of the west found this movie to be worthy of more than one oscar. "Jab Allah Maherban tou Gadha Pahelwan". Well if the critics are "maherban" Devdas will emerge a "Pahelwan". Anyways Bhagat Singh and K3G are not exactly competition.

Tue Oct 29 08:32:11 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:I am shocked how of all movies "Devdas" was nominated for Oscars ahead of many other good movies. Whichever panel chose this movie I do not know but I am quite sure they do not intend that India should win at Oscars.

Tue Oct 29 08:33:01 2002
Name:Samved Galegaonkar
City, Country:Pune, India
Your Views:No. The film which was not honest with it's writer can't impress anyone. No one can understand why one can ruine one's life by getting dejected

Tue Oct 29 08:37:29 2002
Name:Sameer Lalwani
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:Yes I think it atleast deserves to be sent as the Indian Entry. Whether or not it wins the Oscar can be decided only after seeing the other movies in the same category. But it is a true representative of Indian Cinema.

Tue Oct 29 08:37:53 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:yes

Tue Oct 29 08:38:58 2002
Name:Anil Sharma
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:No, though the movie was well made and the music was good. Oscars will never go out to India because Indian films are not in that stream of films which come in the oscars and on top of that there is a discrimination / politics in all these awards.

Tue Oct 29 08:39:23 2002
City, Country:INDIA

Tue Oct 29 08:40:22 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Not at all.

Tue Oct 29 08:44:01 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:devdas was a bore movie..i dont know how it is a hit..i doesnt deserve oscar nomination.

Tue Oct 29 08:44:42 2002
City, Country:Bangalore India
Your Views:It is a shame that devadas is nominated for Oscar Last year Monsoon Wedding was more deserving than a Tin Cup similar Lagan . Lagan and Devadas ran on marketing hype created .Anyway Oscar people also should understand the market value of india and start giving something . Like miss universe competition people

Tue Oct 29 08:44:58 2002
City, Country:Kakching,manipur, India
Your Views:Devdas will not be able to accomplish the place that Lagaan could. It lacks originality, no classical touch as in the original novel. Everything in Devdas is below par than what we expected before releasing the film.

Tue Oct 29 08:45:52 2002
Name:srikanth paltheru
City, Country:chicago,usa
Your Views:it does deserve oscar but oscar is no big shit.i dont want to see srk lobby english mans shits for oscar like that of aamir khan.we care damn for international recognition our national and filmfare awards are more than oscar awards to usi donmt want my country to fall behind such schaltz things.anyway srk devdas deserves oscar award.

Tue Oct 29 08:47:50 2002
City, Country:Indai
Your Views:What a disgrace ! After seing Lagaan which made it to the last five, we did have high expectations this year. But by sending this film for the prestigious award we will be proving that we cannot make films which deserve an oscar. Infact no film deserved to be sent to the oscars this year from India. If at all any film desrved mention its Maniratnam's Kannathil Mutham Ittal. But its really pathetic that the committe thought Devdas could acheive what this film couldn't as also Lagaan. Is it not the smae country which sent a trash of a film called Jeans to the academy awards ?

Tue Oct 29 08:48:45 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Kannathil Muthamittal was a superior movie and deserved to get into the Oscars!

Tue Oct 29 08:49:23 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Absolutely not

Tue Oct 29 08:49:45 2002
City, Country:Mumbai , India
Your Views:No Devdas does not deserve an Oscar !

Tue Oct 29 08:51:08 2002
City, Country:USA
Your Views:Devdas for oscars, it's a joke. The competition is not about how much money was spent on the film or the number of so called superstars in the film. People are going to laugh at India.

Tue Oct 29 08:51:51 2002
Name:howard roark
City, Country:NY, USA
Your Views:No ways! They shouldn't have sent its name for oscar first of all. But then, there wasnt any other better movie this year. I guess being the best among the worsts has helped sanjay leela's dream child get the glory it so undeserves.

Tue Oct 29 08:52:43 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:No. The Indian Movies are not of Hollywood Standard. It does not deserve an OSCAR.

Tue Oct 29 08:54:33 2002
Name:jatin naik
City, Country:surat india
Your Views:Bullshit....

Tue Oct 29 08:54:54 2002
City, Country:Baroda,India
Your Views:No.....Not at all.....The acting may be good but it does not portray tragic love in true sense.

Tue Oct 29 08:55:03 2002
City, Country:
Your Views:When I decided to watch this movie, I went with tissue to wipe my tears. Instead I came out laughing. Lavish settings, cute actresses was cool but it sure did figure in my mind as an Oscar Winner.

Tue Oct 29 08:55:51 2002
Name:Ravi R T Shastri
City, Country:Bangalore
Your Views:"Dweepa" directed by the veteran Girish Kasaravalli which won the National award for the best flim for the year 2002 should have been nominated to the Oscars

Tue Oct 29 08:56:18 2002
Name:nina emanuel
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your Views:nope

Tue Oct 29 08:57:02 2002
City, Country:vij, india
Your Views: yes wethink devdas will get oscar. best of luck to devdas.

Tue Oct 29 08:57:37 2002
City, Country:LA, USA
Your Views:No way! India just sends overly melodramatic films to prestigious awards and that will never ever increase its chances to win an award at an international level.

Tue Oct 29 08:58:11 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:NO.....

Tue Oct 29 08:59:30 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:No never. Its better not to send an entry to the Oscar. Is India that desperate ? 'LAGAAN' was a superb masterpiece, and it deserved an Oscar, and it also earned pride and recognition to the indian cinema on a global basis. 'Devdas' is a movie of desperation and obsession. India is doing the same by sending such a B grade movie to oscar.

Tue Oct 29 09:00:15 2002
City, Country:mumbai, India
Your Views:the original story line would have been maintained.

Tue Oct 29 09:59:28 2002
Name:amrita saproo
City, Country:bangalore
Your Views:In my opinion DEVDAS can't make it up for oscar,Lagaan was a better movie then Devdas . I feel shahrukh's acting is not too good & satisfactory to make Devdas to win the Oscar.

Tue Oct 29 10:02:34 2002
City, Country:Dubai, UAE
Your Views:i dont think Devdas deserve an oscar. A good movie is not the one which is made by spending a lot of money on it. If that was the case, our indian producers would have spend more and more money on their movies to get an oscar award.

Tue Oct 29 10:06:32 2002
Name:kawal singh
City, Country:ludhiana
Your Views:no way.. lagaan was a far better movie than this devdas. devdas don't even deserves to be qualify for the oscars. it has nothin much to boast bout except the extravagent sets and presence of some of the big indian movie stars. this movie really sucked. i know many sharukh and aish's fans will b offended but even they know its true..

Tue Oct 29 10:06:47 2002
Name:Bhaskar P
City, Country:Pune, India
Your Views:Nope. Any film ever made has to follow the cardinal rule of filmmaking: a film is nothing but a form of storytelling. Devdas sucks at it royally. And glitzy sets, costumes, music, and the all the jazz cannot compensate for it. The acting also is not Oscar-worthy. SRK hams, JS hams, and it seems the director also hams. He somehow could not get rid of all the cliches. But as a saving grace, may be Devdas should be nominated for the Best Costumes and Best Art Direction category. Although it will probably loose to Lord Of The Rings:The Two Towers and the like.

Tue Oct 29 10:08:00 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:this is a nice movie ofhte year

Tue Oct 29 10:08:49 2002
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:Devdas does not deserve to be nominated for the Oscar. It movie was noting to write home about. Its was a typical masala type of movie. In place of this they should have choosen Bhagat Singh as this movie shows how Indian freedom figthers struggled to get India Victory.This movie would make more sense then Devdas.

Tue Oct 29 10:10:35 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Absolutely not. There are much better films regionally, but the system in which our official entries are chosen leaves no room for them to be sent to Oscars. However, one must note that even if some regional film is chosen, its producers may not have the necessary funds to lobby the film in Hollywood.

Tue Oct 29 10:11:14 2002
City, Country:Bangalore ,India
Your Views:No, i dont think its up to that mark . there is no proper story.The award should only be given for what he has invested,and only for the costumes,otherwise its waste

Tue Oct 29 10:13:28 2002
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:no it can't match the magic of lagaan

Tue Oct 29 10:13:38 2002
City, Country:Australia
Your Views:i would love for any indian movie to win an oscar.. it would reflecton ourr achievements. but DEVDAS!!!!! puhleezzeeeee.... i would rather have lagaan win. making a visual opus doent meet my criterion for an oscar..

Tue Oct 29 10:13:58 2002
Name:Priety R Parab
City, Country:India, Mumbai.
Your Views:Yes, Devdas deserves an Oscar only because of Madhuri Dixit-Nene.

Tue Oct 29 10:16:26 2002
Name:b k bakshi
City, Country:india
Your Views:No it does not deserve to be nominated for Oscar.

Tue Oct 29 10:16:28 2002
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your Views:no way. it doesnt come in genre of great indian classics. it will not be nom,inated as well in the top 5.

Tue Oct 29 10:16:44 2002
Name:Neeraj Goswamy
City, Country:Jaipur, India
Your Views:It is a movie full of vibrant colours, soul touching song d state of the art photography and sets.Let world see and appreciates a master's work.Even if we donot get Oscar we shall get laurels for sure.

Tue Oct 29 10:17:08 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:its very good folm

Tue Oct 29 10:20:22 2002
Name:Mayank Mittal
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:Yes Devdas can win Oscar.

Tue Oct 29 10:21:59 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Hi, I think Devdas has great production values and uses state of the art technical expertise. However, In my opinion, the story is dated and portrays a defeatist attitude which is highly undesirable in this day and age. Furthermore the acting is hammy and the sets and costumes are too gaudy making the whole experience a whole lot more superficial than it should have been. This film is overlong and it was sad seeing so much on screen talent being wasted over this tripe.Lagaan although lengthy was extremely watchable with great controlled performances and very good character development and a positive message at the end. Devdas is just the opposite and these drawbacks make this film largely unsatisfying. All that money spent with so many good actors and what did we come up with ... Devdas ?!!! We might as well have skipped the Oscars this year. Hope we put our film industry's resources to better use next year.

Tue Oct 29 10:22:08 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad,India
Your Views:Absolutely no chance of winning. The Legend ... would hv been a better bet since the theme is more topical.

Tue Oct 29 10:22:47 2002
City, Country:Chennai,India
Your Views:I don't think ,Devdas is that good enough to be sent for oscars.It pales in comparison with the last year's indian nominee,Lagaan.If Lagaan couldn't do it,there is no way that Devdas will do.

Tue Oct 29 10:24:44 2002
Name:Preeti bedi
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:yes Devdas deserve an Oscar bez this movie is super and story is also to good and it proved that love is life . if person dont got love than life is finsh

Tue Oct 29 10:26:37 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Lagan exuded freshness. Devdas is like "andho me kaana raja" for this year's movies.

Tue Oct 29 10:26:57 2002
Name:ashish ramdeo
City, Country:india
Your Views:according to me it is one of the best movies of india .Itis best indian entryfor oscars ,but my suggestion is few songs should be deleted .all the best to devdas team

Tue Oct 29 10:29:57 2002
City, Country:Bangalore
Your Views:The movie Devdas has no great performance from any of the actors/actresses, nothing new to offer in terms of storyline and most importantly the movie seems to have no soul. Except for the vulgar spending on irrelevant things, there is nothing in the movie. God knows why it was selected in the first place.

Tue Oct 29 10:30:04 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:no, i donot think that this movie deserves the oscar

Tue Oct 29 10:31:00 2002
City, Country:Dubai,UAE
Your Views:I must admit that Devdas is just one masala, and its one of the worst films i have ever seen. At the end of film i was relieved that it was over!! It cannot be even compared to Lagaan or Kannathil Muthamittal..

Tue Oct 29 10:31:04 2002
City, Country:Cochin, India.
Your Views:I personally feel that DEVDAS does not deserve an oscar.It does not even deserve a FILMFARE or ZEE CINE AWARD.It really baffles me how DEVDAS was selected in the first place when Maniratnams KANNATHIL MUTHAMITAAL was also competing. DEVDAS is easily one of the most immature films of the year. All the performances are artificial and even the much talked about sets looked gawdy. On any given day KANNATHIL MUTHAMITAAL would beat the hell out of DEVDAS. There is no competition whatsoever because Maniratnam is in a legue of his own and so is his film. KANNATHIL MUTHAMITAAL is a very sensitive and touching film while DEVDAS does not move you at all. But i guess this is the way things work in our country. People who really deserve recognition never get it. Oh hey and what about Ram Gopal Vermas COMPANY? Why was it not even considered ? It was by no means a perfect movie but it was leagues and leagues ahead of DEVDAS. But i guess these kind of things happen. I mean at the end of the day even the oscars are biased. In 1980 they gave it to REDS when clearly THE RAGING BULL was a much better movie. They have also ignored great directors like SPIKE LEE and PAUL THOMAS ANDESONS while giving awards to lesser directors like SAM MENDESand CLINT EASTWOOD. Real talent never gets recognized. Whether it is in India or America.

Tue Oct 29 10:36:20 2002
City, Country:delhi, India:
Your Views:i think Devdas has the qualities to win the Oscar Award.

Tue Oct 29 10:36:59 2002
City, Country:Baltimore, USA
Your Views:No way...

Tue Oct 29 10:37:44 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Depends on the competition. It really has a shot!

Tue Oct 29 10:38:59 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:No it doesnt..and i bet my bottom dollar that whatever respect Lagaan commanded for Indian movies would be broken by this garbage... Anyone wanna bet..Lagaan would come nowhere in the nominee list!!!

Tue Oct 29 10:39:13 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:No it doesnt..and i bet my bottom dollar that whatever respect Lagaan commanded for Indian movies would be broken by this garbage... Anyone wanna bet..Devdas would come nowhere in the nominee list!!!

Tue Oct 29 10:39:22 2002
Name: V K Sharma
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:Yes, it deserves to be nominated as India's entry for the Oscars. It is based on a legendry novel, good script, good sets, good direction and above all excellent acting provide all the ingradients for an excellent movie.

Tue Oct 29 10:39:58 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:No, I don't think it will. Infact, the Legend of Bhagat Singh would have been a better choice I believe.

Tue Oct 29 10:41:35 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:NO WAY

Tue Oct 29 10:42:50 2002
City, Country:kochi,kerala
Your Views:i think we will win

Tue Oct 29 10:43:05 2002
Name:reshmi sengupta
City, Country:new york
Your Views:No, absolutely not.

Tue Oct 29 10:43:34 2002
City, Country:kochi,kerala
Your Views:i think we will win

Tue Oct 29 10:44:24 2002
City, Country:Mumbai,India
Your Views:Devdas stands no chance. Lagaan was a Masterpiece;Devdas is not even half as good as Lagaan. I'll bet on Devdas only if I want to become the poorest man on this planet

Tue Oct 29 10:45:18 2002
City, Country:Ludhiana, India
Your Views:No, it Doesn't. The movie be lavish and extavagnt but one thing that is lacking is spirit. Bhansali did try to revamp the classic but one can see the concious effort to outwit the nostagia. Sorry Bhansali ji, better luck next time.

Tue Oct 29 10:48:07 2002
City, Country:Toronto, Canada
Your Views:Excellent movie, outstanding performances from Bollywood Baadshah SRK and the queen Ash as well as madhuri and jackie. Fabulous Direction. Marvelous cinematography and amazing music. A combination of great arts together. It IS SIMPLY A CLASSIC. And it deserves an oscar all the way. Go Devdas Go

Tue Oct 29 10:50:38 2002
Name:Vinay Chaudhari
City, Country:Mumbai
Your Views:No. Certainly not. Devdas does not even deserve nomination to Oscar.

Tue Oct 29 10:52:12 2002
City, Country:india
Your Views:yes it deserves an oscar due to madhuri dixit's excellent brillant performance

Tue Oct 29 10:52:24 2002
City, Country:bombay,india
Your Views:devdas ia a piece of crap that hardly qualifies as cinema. it belongs in the trash can. it should not, never ever get an oscar nomination!!! as for cannes, there are conflicting reports. from what i have heard and read, everyone walked out of devdas at cannes. and going to cannes means nothing these days.-- other films shown at cannes nowadays include james bond films, last action hero, stallone films, hardly the benchmark of good cinema. ive noticed the preoccupation of indian news reports to suggest that the world is mesmerised by indian cinema.the truth is that the world couldnt care less. there are great stories to be told in india but no one tells them. technically we are pathetic and have no style of our own, stealing blindly from others without understanding. i was in north america when both lagaan and devdas were released and people couldnt care less. the only people watching these films were indians. (but at least lagaan was a good film) contrary to popular opinion the truth of the matter is that lagaan never stood a chance at the oscars. it was always between amelie and no mans land. these were the only foreign films that the voters were watching before the oscars. of course no indian will admit to that, in fact most indians wont even watch those 2 films, they will simply proclaim that lagaan deserved the oscar. we celebrate such mediocrity in this country whether its theatre art literature music or film, probably because we have such a limited exposure to and understanding of these fields,film in particular. and the unfortunate thing is there were probably a couple of good films made this year in the south in malayalam or tamil but of course bollywood will overshadow those. and one thing i'd like to straighten out is that indian films are not musicals--a musical is an art form with a set of rules and regulations, a style of its own-- rules like respecting the principles of time and space,etc etc which no one here even knows the meaning of. devdas like countless indian films is just a bad film with bad music videos shoved in. spending 50 crores on a film does not a movie make. forget devdas...go rent billy wilder's the lost weekend or mike figgis' leaving las vegas if you want to see films about love loss and alcoholism.or simply rent the old devdas. even that is better!! and i know many readers will go the mattresses after reading my views but thats what i feel and all i can say is audiences deserve better than bhansali.

Tue Oct 29 10:53:43 2002
Name:Ravi Shankar
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:Not at all deserved!!!!

Tue Oct 29 10:55:14 2002
City, Country:Chicago,USA
Your Views:It is nowhere near to Lagaan. It is just a mess of the original story. Also, everything looks very aftificial

Tue Oct 29 10:58:40 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:No. It's an OSTENTATIOUS representation of what the Classic stands for. Lagaan was in a completely different league. It was meant to stand for India in the Oscars. But NOT Devdas, of all the movies.

Tue Oct 29 10:58:47 2002
City, Country:Pune, India
Your Views:Devdas does not deserve even a nomination. Other deserving films like Dweepa should have been chosen. Money alone can't win an oscar.It needs a deserving story too.

Tue Oct 29 10:59:56 2002
Name:Priyamvada Voothuluru
City, Country:East Lansing,USA
Your Views:No, it is more a bollywood pomp than anything else. There are better movies than Devdas which deserve to get an oscar nomination

Tue Oct 29 11:00:01 2002
City, Country:Los Angeles, Ca
Your Views:No, it doesn't deserve an oscar, just because u make an expensive movie, doesn't mean that it deserves an oscar. The movie lacked the most basic ingredient-- "SOUL"

Tue Oct 29 11:00:50 2002
Name:eshdutt raginwar-vikas
City, Country:new delhi, india
Your Views:Devdas is a result of the creative work of the directors vision completely captured on celluloid by the technicians/ The void is the emotional linkup with the audience which the oscar top nominees always carry as the spearhead.

Tue Oct 29 11:01:19 2002
Name:Amit C
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Its a good movie ...but is it good enough for an Oscar ?? No way Mr. Bhansali ...Hum Dil Chuke Sanam ...maybe yes ..Devdas ....NO !!

Tue Oct 29 11:02:49 2002
City, Country:CA, USA
Your Views:These kind of idiotic melodramatic films just make India a laughing stock in the world of cinema. The only one who thinks it will win an Oscar r its producers and directors. Laagaan never stood a chance to win, it was just a media hype. Anybody who has seen "No Man's Land" willknow what it takes to make an Oscar winning film. No current Hindi film has that basic minimum standard to make that grade. Devdas is full of production eroors, silly mistakes, over-melodramatic, lacking film sense. It shouldnot and will never win.

Tue Oct 29 11:02:56 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:After sending one of the better films (Lagaan) as India's entry to the Oscars last year, the authorities have decided to send a sub-standard product. Over the years, winners for the best foreign film awards have been relatively low-budget movies with messages and relevant themes. Devdas fails miserably on these counts.

Tue Oct 29 11:03:53 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:The Legend of Bhagat Singh would have been a more realistic choice.

Tue Oct 29 11:04:15 2002
City, Country:Calcutta, India
Your Views:NO

Tue Oct 29 11:04:21 2002
Name:Anand Divan
City, Country:India
Your Views:cant say about the best foreign language film category, but definitely has a shot at grabbing uncle oscar for costumes and art direction.

Tue Oct 29 11:05:44 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:I feel Devdas was not the right choice for the Oscars. Devdas has been made solely with the interest of making loads of money by adding excessive color and extravagant dances (which is probably the best known formula for a hit movie) It does not in any way represent good cinema, and from the given three choices, I would definitely have chosen The Legend of Bhagat Singh. Apart from being a well-made movie, the fact that it is the true story of a true Indian martyr, should have been reason enough to pick it. Anyway, if Lagaan couldnt make it, I would be surprised if Devdas could even hold the judges attention for more than a few minutes! My best wishes to Devdas, for whatever its worth.

Tue Oct 29 11:07:33 2002
Name:S .Chaudhuri
City, Country:Bombay.India
Your Views:No ,

Tue Oct 29 11:08:00 2002
Name:arjun sachdev
City, Country:delhi, india
Your Views:not a chance i read the time magazine which was all about cannes the reviewer said that at the end of the film he was the only one left watching the film. anyway i would be shocked to see it get nominated also

Tue Oct 29 11:09:32 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Definitely does not

Tue Oct 29 11:09:38 2002
City, Country:Hyderabad, India
Your Views:Devdas is a movie with extraordinary cinematographic intellectuality counterbalancing perplexing, incoherent story and incomprehensible characterisation. Further, Devdas as a story does not deserve an oscar, leave the narration. There is nothing new about it.

Tue Oct 29 11:10:13 2002
Name:Ashish Khandelwal
City, Country:Bareilly, India
Your Views:Given the Grand and extavagant canvas of the film, it may or may not bring the coveted Oscar but it will certainly improve the image of India abroad from a poor country to a rich and colorful one.

Tue Oct 29 11:11:25 2002
City, Country:Kolkata, India
Your Views:The Latest version of "DEVDAS" is a bottomless morass and the entire DEVDAS unit - especially Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai need to be thrown into Hitler's Gas Chamber for trying to play with the tax payer's hard earned money and time.

Tue Oct 29 11:11:25 2002
City, Country:Kolkata, India
Your Views:The Latest version of "DEVDAS" is a bottomless morass and the entire DEVDAS unit - especially Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai need to be thrown into Hitler's Gas Chamber for trying to play with the tax payer's hard earned money and time.

Tue Oct 29 11:11:58 2002
Name:Satyen Chandiramani
City, Country:Dubai - UAE
Your Views:Devdas is a front runner - owed mainly to its grandeur, intensity level of Bansali,superb art direction and the tragedy trio of SRK/Ash/MD

Tue Oct 29 11:13:28 2002
Name:shobha basavanaiah
City, Country:Bangalore, India
Your Views:NO !! there is nothing but grand settings and costumes and fine acting by shah rukh. that's about it. devdas is a loser. do not glorify the same.

Tue Oct 29 11:14:03 2002
Name:Vikram Ravi Menezes
City, Country:Mangalore, India
Your Views:Of course, it does...

Tue Oct 29 11:14:15 2002
Name:Dipankar Das
City, Country:Delhi,India
Your Views:Devdas must win the oscar award as it is a very fabulous movie.

Tue Oct 29 11:14:28 2002
City, Country:mumbai
Your Views:devadas is a nice film

Tue Oct 29 11:15:03 2002
Name:Nitesh Shetty
City, Country:Ahmedabad
Your Views:No.I dont think Devdas deserves an oscar.

Tue Oct 29 11:19:06 2002
Name:Varsha Nigam
City, Country:Mumbai, Indai
Your Views:Devdas does deserve an Oscar

Tue Oct 29 11:20:03 2002
City, Country:Bangalore, India.
Your Views:No. Devdas is a melodramatic nonsense and definitely does not deserve to be nominated for oscars. Such stupid movies will only embarass our countries film industry in the international arena.

Tue Oct 29 11:20:52 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:Stupid is the only word i get.It is the people who select such movies for Oscar award should be kicked. What message it gives to the world.

Tue Oct 29 11:21:47 2002
Name:amit parab
City, Country:mumbai,india
Your Views:i think devdas is visual feast as far as set designing and cinmatography concerned but certainly not in acting[except aishwarya,she is fabulus].otherwise devdas is somewhat like other moveis it's a wrong choice

Tue Oct 29 11:22:41 2002
Name:Neena Jayapal
City, Country:India
Your Views:It is not that good film to be sent for oscar award.

Tue Oct 29 11:24:25 2002
City, Country:Jaipur,India
Your Views:Ofcourse Devdas has lavish and beautiful sets but it could not be compared with the liveliness of Lagaan.

Tue Oct 29 11:25:26 2002
Name:balu b
City, Country:vijayawada , india
Your Views:it deserves oscar for its photography,costumes

Tue Oct 29 11:26:01 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:I honestly think that "Devdas" is no match to what "Lagaan" was. Here the focus is not the performance, but just the glitter and glamour used in the whole movie. Where as lagaan had a focus and beautiful yet simple story of inspiration and will. Devdas, as in old times was an excellently executed film, where Dilipkumar performed on a much higher level than Shahrukh. There was a sense of natural love and admiration for the love of his life .. the movie field, in my opinion needs much natural talents than just faces with gliserine in the eyes . . and bodies with millions of worth of dresses . . I really don't thnk Devdas is worth an oscar.

Tue Oct 29 11:28:49 2002
City, Country:Mumbai, India
Your Views:Not at all..It is'nt a flawless movie & moreover it is remembered for its gloss than content...Since Oscars are given more for content, there is'nt much hope....Of course it also depends on how bad the competition is...

Tue Oct 29 11:30:48 2002
City, Country:San Jose, USA
Your Views:no way..ha ha ha !!!!

Tue Oct 29 11:31:47 2002
City, Country:Singapore
Your Views:There's something that Indian filmmakers and committees fail to realise. Films without sync sound NEVER make it to the nominations. Lagaan had sync sound. Salaam Bombay had sync sound. Devdas was dubbed. Its like shooting a film on home video and sending it to the Oscars.

Tue Oct 29 11:32:03 2002
Name:Reena Mary George
City, Country:Hyderabad,India.
Your Views:no,it wont even be on the nominations ,its just a pathetic display of grandeur ,telling a very old tale of tragic love.which doesnt evoke any sense of courage and guts ,a far scen from what Lagaan stood for.

Tue Oct 29 11:32:19 2002
City, Country:Bangalore,India
Your Views:Not just Devdas but no film in Hindi made this year(except to some extent-The legend of Bhagat Singh)deserves to be sent to the Oscars.It's extremely unfortunate that a soulless film with the lead performer hamming instead of performing is said to be representative of Indian cinema.It wa s a big joke to hear Bhansali tell that he will ask for advise from Aamir&Asutosh.Just imagine comparing his film to a truly mindboggling one like Lagaan.My advise to Bhansali-Forget it,Devdas wont even cross the first hurdle.

Tue Oct 29 11:32:58 2002
Name:Sharmila D.
City, Country:Pune,India
Your Views:If you want to compare 'Devdas' with the likes and looks of "TITANIC" or "ShakesPeare in Love" , then yes...Devas deserves to be an official entry for Oscars. Becuase of its vast and magnum glossy canvas and rich star cast it is a rightfull entry. But if you want to compare it with the actual classic novel, then it is a very very bad entry to represent India , sinc eit insults the great writer and his classic written.

Tue Oct 29 11:33:51 2002
City, Country:Delhi, India
Your Views:Devdas as presented in the film is aody of the story by the great novelist. It does not deserve even a mention at the Oscars.

Tue Oct 29 11:34:29 2002
Name:snehal chougule
City, Country:belgaum,india

Tue Oct 29 11:34:51 2002
Name:Hari Kumar
City, Country:Leicester UK
Your Views:Devadas is bullshit... it doesnt deserve an oscar.

Tue Oct 29 11:37:51 2002
City, Country:India
Your Views:It would be prepostorous to even presume that an inane movie like Devdas about a self centered guy will get nominated let alone win an oscar. Firstly, Devdas is a badly made film even by Indian Standards, gaudy costumes and over the top melodrama. To top it all, it is a mockery of the simplicity of the novel and the complexity of its charecters. Devdas and an Oscar? Dont make me laugh!

Tue Oct 29 11:37:59 2002
City, Country:coimbatore,india
Your Views: funny u people cud compare devdas to lagaan.the movie flaunted wealth and glamour.lagaan gave a new look to the indian cinema.dont underestimate the debut producer's talents.

Tue Oct 29 11:41:52 2002
Name:mahendra S S
City, Country:Mumbai,
Your Views:I think Devdas will won oscar award because the story of the film is so interesting & actresses dressing, actre acting i thing it should be won. My sujjetion to Sanjay Leela Bhansali try & try until you get success in this oscar award.

Tue Oct 29 11:42:08 2002
City, Country:kanpur,india
Your Views:devdas will get the OSCAR

Tue Oct 29 11:44:38 2002
City, Country:san jose, usa
Your Views:No, it doesnt even deserve to be the indian entry. It has nothing but extravagant costumes and sets. It is a loud film. The legend of bhagat singh would have been a better choice, but money works everywhere....

Tue Oct 29 11:45:21 2002
City, Country:Portland, USA
Your Views:It's typical INDIAN masala movie.. I do not understand why it has being chosen as offical Indian OSCAR movie... There are lot of art movies which are really inspiring, educative. Why not them ??? They should reconsider their decision.....

Tue Oct 29 11:46:23 2002
Name:brian george fernandez
City, Country:palghat [kearla-state] india
Your Views:i wish the whole team of devdas to making proud of indian film industry

Tue Oct 29 11:48:45 2002
City, Country:Indore, India
Your Views:No Chance

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